Calcium and Vitamin D for Fat Burning

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

A study in overweight women shows that 900 mg per day of supplemental calcium1 increases their ability to burn fat for fuel. This ability is enhanced by vitamin D status.

This study shows that supplemental calcium directly boosts fat burning whether you are craving carbohydrates or not.  Increased calcium intake has already been shown to have a favorable affect on reducing the cravings for carbohydrates, I explain this in How to Control Food Cravings.

Vitamin D is gaining status as a wonder nutrient. Proper vitamin D status was directly linked to better fat burning and a smaller waistline. It is quite likely that as winter months wear on and vitamin D levels drop, individuals will pack on extra pounds. It is probable that weight gain over the winter could be a key sign of a lack of vitamin D, requiring anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 IU per day to correct the problem. One way to judge vitamin D adequacy in the winter may be a lack of weight gain or weight loss when the dose is increased.

Some of the most absorbable forms of calcium include coral calcium, MCHC calcium, and calcium AEP. Avoid low quality calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calcium gluconate, calcium citrate, and dicalcium phosphate. If you get carbohydrate cravings try taking calcium AEP, a unique form of calcium that also supports nerve health.

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