Blueberries Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health have determined that two or more servings per week of blueberries significantly reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The researchers followed 180,000 women and 41,000 men for 20 years, evaluating dietary flavonoid intake and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  The anthocyanins of blueberries were the clear winner.  The flavonoids in apples (quercetin) and pears also showed benefit, needing five or more servings per week.

An earlier animal study showed that blueberries significantly boosted the production of adiponectin, the key hormone made in your white adipose tissue that prevents your liver from developing insulin resistance that can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes. 

The animal research demonstrates the mechanism.  The human research proves the point.  Blueberries are really good at helping your blood sugar metabolism and can assist in you not developing type 2 diabetes.

Concentrated blueberry anthocyanins are readily available in dietary supplements, offering a convenient way to increase intake of this health protective superfruit.

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