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Thyroid Hormone Articles:

Oprah Raises Awareness on Thyroid Issue; Controversy and Confusion Follow

Oprah has done an immense favor to millions of American women by helping them understand that a malfunctioning thyroid gland may indeed be part of their weight and health problems. After writing openly about her thyroid problem in the October 2007 Oprah Magazine, she then went into the nature of thyroid problems on her TV show.

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Tips to Improve Sleep Naturally

Sleep is the time in which your body cleans house and recovers from wear and tear. A good night’s sleep makes all the difference in the following day’s performance ability – including energy level, mood, mental capability, and stamina. Problems with sleep lower stress tolerance and induce food cravings and poor eating habits. Learn what you can do...

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Whiplash, Thyroid, and Adrenals

In the last ten to fifteen years substantial progress has been made in understanding whiplash injuries. Many individuals who suffered from whiplash injuries were thought to be malingering or seeking insurance or disability benefits without cause from minor motor vehicle accidents. These individuals, most commonly women, often suffer upper neck and back pain, trouble sleeping, fatigue, and chronic muscle soreness. They may also experience forgetfulness, brain fog, mental fatigue, loss of motivation, irritability and other brain behavior changes.

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Hypothyroidism, Brain Stress, and Season Changes

Hypothyroidism is a complex disorder with many causes. These causes may be associated with high levels of acute stress such as severe grief, sudden severe illness, motor vehicle accidents, or other major life stressors. It is vital to protect the thyroid gland, hormone, and its receptors sites from these stressors. Without being diligent about protecting the thyroid from inflammation, the risk is high for joining the epidemic levels of thyroid dysfunction.

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