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Polymethoxylated Flavones Articles:

Citrus Flavonoids Lower Cholesterol

Previous studies have shown that citrus flavonoids lower cholesterol in humans. A new study seeks to understand exactly how this is done, and it shows that the citrus flavonoids work at the gene level to enhance the natural metabolism of cholesterol by the liver with consequent improvement in cellular metabolism of fat.

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Citrus Flavonoids are Potent Metabolic Boosters & Anti-carcinogens

Special types of citrus-derived flavonoids, known as polymethoxyflavones, especially nobiletin and tangeretin, are inversely associated with cardiovascular disease. Previous studies have shown them to be effective in lowering cholesterol in humans as well as helping to prevent the accumulation of LDL cholesterol in the lining of arteries. Even relatively small amounts of them can activate gene signals that help to correctly metabolize cholesterol. A new study shows that nobiletin can boost adiponectin levels and reduce inflammation within white adipose tissue, thereby significantly improving insulin resistance and lowering high blood sugar. Additionally, a significant body of research has been accumulating in the past few years showing that polymethoxflavones are powerful nutrients in cancer prevention.

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