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Pollution Articles:

Pollution is One Major Cause of Diabetes and Obesity

In the January 25, 2008 issue of the Lancet an article appears, which if followed up on, would positively change the health of all Americans for generations to come. The article is titled Environmental pollution and diabetes: a neglected association. It is based on a solid scientific link between insulin resistance and pollution, especially compounds like PCBs and many pesticides used on food.

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Common Air Pollution in Coronary Artery Disease

t is now well known that inflammation is the driving force behind heart disease. A recent study analyzed the affects of inflammation in response to common pollution and found there was a significant increase in inflammatory markers in their blood, blood cells were more likely to stick together (clot risk), and key antioxidant enzymes were lowered.

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Traffic Pollution Increases Heart Attack Risk

A new German study presented at the American Heart Association’s 49th Annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention found that in patients who had just had a heart attack they were more then three times as likely to have been in traffic within an hour of the onset of their heart attack.

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Daily Balancer for Natural Detoxification Support

Daily Balancer is one of the Wellness Resources daily formulas, nutrients that I believe are needed by everyone for optimal health and well being. Daily Balancer is formulated to protect you from toxins and pollution, helping your liver do its daily work that is vital to your health and well being.*

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Diesel Fume Exposure Increases Acute Cardiovascular Risk

The particulate pollution coming from the diesel engines of buses and trucks can stiffen your arteries based on a single exposure. This poses a significant problem if you are already struggling with cardiovascular health – but it even causes problems in healthy people.

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Pollution Worsens Obesity Epidemic

A new study shows that fetal and early life exposure to environmental toxins, oftentimes consumed by the mother as part of her diet, are adequate to induce excess fat storage in a baby. While there are numerous studies demonstrating how pollution interferes with metabolism, this study enables me to explain a slightly different point: your body will form fat as a defense mechanism against being poisoned by toxins.

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Chlorella Protects Against Methylmercury

Methylmercury is a highly toxic compound that binds tightly to nerves, inducing significant nerve damage. Protect yourself--and your baby if you’re pregnant--take some extra steps to help your body bind up toxic trash.

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