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Muscle Rejuvenation Articles:

Calcium is Required for Energy Production

Most people think about calcium in terms of its vital role in bone building. However, the flow of calcium in and out of all cells is vital to cellular function. A new study shows that if calcium signaling is lacking then cell energy systems break down and the cells start eating themselves. This discovery is of fundamental importance as a break down in the calcium signaling system is now shown to be a key player in the risk for developing nerve degeneration, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Read More:  ATP, Calcium AEP, Celluar energy, muscle rejuvenation, nerve regeneration

Elderly Muscle Rejuvenation is Possible, Likely to Help Flu Immunity

If you’re elderly, strength training is especially important; your muscles are your first reserve of protein that your immune system needs to help fight infections.

Read More:  anabolic, catabolic, elderly, insulin, muscle rejuvenation, Swine Flu

Whey Protein Activates Muscle Repair Following Exercise

Research shows that whey protein can not only help you gain fitness but also has the potential to extend human lifespan.

Read More:  branch chain amino acids, mTOR, muscle rejuvenation, whey protein


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