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Mortality Risk Articles:

Youthful Obesity Causes Death Eight Years Early

A 60-year study followed the effects of obesity and the rate of early death over the course of a lifetime. Those who were obese at age 20 had on average an 8 year shorter life.

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Even Moderate Exercise Can Reduce the Risk of Early Death

In a study that is very good news for generally inactive people – just getting yourself on a consistent and moderate daily exercise program can significantly reduce your risk of early death.

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Get Connected to Live Longer

Researchers evaluating the results from 148 studies involving 308,849 participants found a 50% increased rate of survival for those with a connected social network. This data applied to any age and did not discriminate if such relationships were positive or negative – it was simply the notion of being more connected with others.

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Waistline Clearly Linked to Mortality Risk

A nine-year study of 48,500 U.S. men and 56,343 U.S. women has shown that the larger your waistline the higher your risk for mortality. This study adds a new twist to what is already fairly obvious. It showed once again that those who are really obese have double the rate of early death. However, it also showed (especially in women) that having an expanded waistline (even if you are normal weight) was associated with a 25% increased risk of mortality.

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Eat Sweets, Die Sooner

A 13 year study followed 2735 men and women, ages 49 and over, to see if there was an increased rate of inflammatory death in those eating the most refined sugar and refined flour products (the empty nutrition of the standard Western diet). The results showed that those with the highest intake of sugar and refined starch had a 3 fold greater risk of death from inflammatory disease.

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Alarming Rate of Death Linked to Short Sleep

A group of 741 men, average age 50, were followed for 14 years. Those with less than 6 hours per night of sleep had a 433% increased risk of death from any cause during the study period. This is an astounding number and places a new emphasis on the importance of quality sleep as one grows older.

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Low Selenium Predicts Damaged Red Blood Cells and Mortality Risk

A lab test result on the common complete blood count (CBC) is listed as RDW (red cell distribution width). As the score elevates the risk for mortality rises. Researchers have now shown that in women over the age of 65 elevated RDW is most associated with a deficiency of selenium, a key mineral for anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory defenses as well as thyroid function.

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