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Mental Illness Articles:

Is Excessive Sugar Intake Leading to Society-Wide Mental Illness?

Researchers recently started out an experiment trying to show that boosting serotonin via dietary manipulation would help mood. Much to their surprise they ended up wondering if excess sugar intake is the main driving force behind depression in America.

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Top 10 Health Stories of 2010

2010 is a year marked by an explosion in gene-related nutritional science, with significant findings to improve the health of one and all. In contrast, the same type of gene science applied to the function of commonly used drugs is showing their true colors. These toxic poisons should be avoided for all but the most desperate use in true medical situations. They should absolutely never be used for preventive health or the management of symptoms or numbers.

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Inflammation Can Cause Adverse Behavior and Mental Illness

It has always been thought that stress is inflammatory, which it is. It was therefore concluded that the increased inflammation present in any person with stressed-out behavior or mental illness was a result of the stress. New research says that it is just as possible that the stressed-out behavior and even mental illness is caused by inflammation, not the result thereof. It is a chicken and egg scenario wherein either is possible. It's most likely that both play off each other to make a bad situation worse.

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