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Living Longer Articles:

Fitness More Important than Obesity for Survival in Elderly

An interesting new study in older Americans shows very clearly that those who are the most fit live the longest. Fit fatter people live longer than thin unfit people. Of course, those who are overweight have a tendency to become unfit – a bad combination. It is now also clear that those overweight early in life are more likely to get a variety of diseases. However, these new findings are quite encouraging to those who are consistently exercising in an effort to improve their health, yet may still be struggling with their weight.

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Men Who Are Fit Live Longer

A study released today in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association tested 15,660 African-American and Caucasian men over a 7.5 year period to determine if exercise capacity is a specific predictor of mortality. The study found that very fit individuals had a 70% reduced death rate and highly fit individuals had a 50% reduced death rate.

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