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Iron Deficiency Articles:

Toddlers Need Iron to Protect Against Obesity

A lack of dietary iron is now linked as a contributing factor to the development of obesity in toddlers. Instead of adequate iron intake such toddlers often had extra sugar consumption in the form of fruit juice. Either low iron or high sugar intake will induce obesity and the combination is not good. Researchers found that obese toddlers had an incidence of 20% obesity, compared to 7% in non-obese toddlers. Iron is required for the formation of hemoglobin which carries oxygen and the cellular utilization of thyroid hormone, important factors in healthy metabolism.

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Adequate Oxygenation Vital to Healthy Metabolism

New research is uncovering how hemoglobin behaves within a cell to deliver oxygen to the cell engines so that calories can be burned as fuel. Oxygen must be present within cells in order for metabolism to work at an optimal rate. Thyroid hormone is short-circuited at the cellular level if oxygen is not present.

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