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Health Freedom Articles:

France Fights War on Toxic Food Giants

Wake up America – your food supply has already been drastically altered by corporate food giants and their governmental bedfellows – who have spliced toxins directly into the DNA of food – inexplicably altering the very nature of our food supply for profit. France is one of the few countries in the developed world that has fought genetically modified food at every turn.

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Congressional Birdbrains – Your Health at Risk

On Monday, Sept 29, the American public witnessed firsthand the utter ineptitude of the United States House of Representatives, hitting Main Street directly in the pocketbook. While leaders try to figure a way out of an impending economic crisis, it is now clear for everyone to finally see that we have an equal crisis in political leadership.

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Obama Tries to Sneak Major Health Care Reform into the Stimulus Bill

Under the cover of emergency economic legislation the front wave of an entire new system of health care is being pushed on Americans. The strategy for this ploy was once explained by Obama’s former appointee to head the Department of Health and Human Services, and now exposed tax cheat, Senator Tom Daschle....

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It’s Time for a 21st Century Health Revolution

The cost for ObamaCare has many Americans trying to understand how we can foot the bill. It will connect millions more Americans to a sickness industry gone wild. States are realizing that the mandates within the legislation will force them to spend money through the Medicaid program that they do not have – and unlike the federal government states don’t have a Monopoly-style printing press. States are now making the effort to fight ObamaCare in court on points of constitutionality. I have an additional idea for the states that is certain to work: disband all the medical licensing boards. At once the runaway costs of the current health system as well as ObamaCare would be stopped, the quality of care would improve, the suppression of health-option competition would be eliminated, and a new Golden Era of healing would be ushered in.

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Top 10 Health Stories of 2010

2010 is a year marked by an explosion in gene-related nutritional science, with significant findings to improve the health of one and all. In contrast, the same type of gene science applied to the function of commonly used drugs is showing their true colors. These toxic poisons should be avoided for all but the most desperate use in true medical situations. They should absolutely never be used for preventive health or the management of symptoms or numbers.

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Senator Durbin & the FDA Viciously Attack Dietary Supplements

Under the cover of the July 4th holiday, Senator Richard Durbin (D-Illinois) and the FDA launched an unprecedented and coordinated assault on the dietary supplement industry – in essence a direct attack on consumers who rely on dietary supplements to support their health. Without a massive consumer protest of this abhorrent abuse of regulatory power, consumers will be denied access to many dietary supplements they currently take. Furthermore, the cost of dietary supplements will skyrocket due to the unnecessary regulatory burden imposed upon supplement companies, ongoing legal wars, and reduced competition in the industry. While there are many political forces in play, it is clear that one of the main goals of this attack is to allow the pharmaceutical companies to take over the dietary supplement industry. It is very difficult for the typical consumer of dietary supplements to understand why extreme harassment of the dietary supplement industry is taking place. Such attacks are typically launched under the false cover of “consumer safety,” a pretense that plays well for sound bites and is without merit. Thus, it is of great importance to explain this current attack in the historical and political context in which it is occurring. It is of even greater importance that every consumer of dietary supplements takes immediate action to preserve their access to quality, cost effective dietary supplements. At the end of this article is a Take Action Now section that explains the steps you should take today.

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