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Cognitive Ability Articles:

Diabetes Impairs Mental Capability

Adult onset diabetes impairs cognitive function in the early stages of the problem – and this impaired function persists into older age. This data confirms that high blood sugar caramelizes healthy brain cells, reducing the ability of the brain to perform executive functions at a normal speed.

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Antioxidants Boost Brain Function

Antioxidants are a form of savings account within your brain that enables your brain not only to tolerate stress but to learn. A new study shows that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables results in higher levels of antioxidants and better cognitive performance during aging. The principle of adequate antioxidants to support learning and cognitive function applies to any person of any age.

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Inflammation in Young Men Linked to Low Intelligence and Risk of Early Death

There are many theories of aging – most of which reflect a valid point explaining what might go wrong with the human body as it ages. Many of these accelerated aging principles start early in life. A new study by Swedish researchers evaluating almost four decades of human data reinforces the emerging paradigm of aging that says chronic low-grade inflammation over the course of a lifetime is not healthy.

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Inadequate Iron in Infancy Leads to Later-Life Poor Cognitive Function

Researchers at the University of California have demonstrated that infants with iron deficiency have reduced cognitive function at age 19. Brain imaging showed reduced functionality in areas of the brain associated with executive function and memory.

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Alpha GPC for Focus, Memory, and Cognitive Ability

Proven to boost attention, mental focus, memory, and cognitive ability for all ages, alpha GPC also offsets age-associated cognitive decline.

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Tyrosine Helps Maintain Mental Ability Under Stress

Amino acid tyrosine is shown to boost mood, offset stress, fight fatigue and help with depression.

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