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Brain Atrophy Articles:

Top Selling Antipsychotic Medications Cause Loss of Brain Volume

Yes, these drugs are super expensive and are bankrupting states and driving up the cost of needed healthcare for everyone. Yes, they are given to children, the elderly, and depressed patients for behavior modification and symptom suppression. These uses were never approved by the FDA. Yes, they cause obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. And yes, we now find out they actually cause the brain to shrink – the lobotomy of the 21st Century.

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B12 Levels Predict a Healthier Brain

Higher levels of vitamin B12 prove to be vital for brain health, but beware of the different forms of vitamin B12, not all are created equally.

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Brain Fatigue 101

Are you feeling foggy or exhausted? Drained, overwhelmed, or burned out? Are you forgetting what’s on your grocery list or falling asleep when working on a project or reading? These are symptoms of brain fatigue. Brain fatigue is something that everyone has experienced on some level. It doesn’t matter what age one is; we all need to pay attention to it. The more that it goes on, the more one needs to do something to support a healthier brain. This is especially applicable if you are falling asleep after reading a couple of paragraphs of this article or if you just forgot what your spouse told you to get at the grocery story, and you had the list in your pocket.

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