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Bone Quality Articles:

Tocotrienols are Effective Bone Builders

A new animal study compared the effectiveness of various forms of vitamin E in the quality of bone formation. The study found that gamma tocotrienol was the best form that supported multiple aspects of bone integrity during the process of normal bone formation.

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Bone Drugs Proven to Cause Poor Bone Quality in Humans

Two studies from the Special Surgery (HHS) and Columbia University Medical Center have confirmed the recent media attention on the extreme dangers to bone from the long-term use of bone drugs (bisphosphonates). The researchers found that after four years of use bisphosphonates had a negative effect on bones causing declining structural integrity of bone. This finding is very important because doctors expect patients to take these drugs for life. ABC news recently highlighted a number of faithful Fosamax users who experienced abnormal fractures in their large femur bone from doing very little.

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How Zinc Helps Your Bones

You may not think of zinc as a vital bone nutrient, yet without adequate zinc your bones cannot maintain themselves. The status of zinc in bone is known to decline with age and especially for women following menopause. Additionally, individuals with a history of smoking have an added risk for complications involving zinc status and bone health.

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Vitamin K Essential for Bone Density & Bone Quality

Vitamin K is needed to activate a compound within bone called osteocalcin, which in turn attaches calcium to bone in proper three dimensional structure. Using advanced bone-imaging technology researchers have proved that humans with the highest vitamin K intake have the highest bone mineral density and improved aspects of bone strength.

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Bone Quality is of the Utmost Importance to Bone Health

Scientists are proving that the quality of bones is more important than the amount of bone density. Nutrition rules when it comes to bone health; beware of the toxic bone drugs that undermine the structural health of bones

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