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Triglycerides Articles:

Cholesterol Medication Causes Tendon Ruptures

Analysis from a French medical database is the first to clearly link tendon injuries and tendon ruptures to the use of statins – a problem that is worse for middle aged men. How can anyone stay fit by injuring their tendons?

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DHA is Vital to Cardiovascular Wellness

Thousands of studies have shown the critical function of fish oil--in particular it’s most important essential fatty acid DHA--to overall cardiovascular well-being at any age. DHA is the most deficient nutrient in the 21st Century diet, and good food sources of it like fatty fish, are often contaminated with mercury or other toxins. Therefore, a dietary supplement containing a toxin-free molecularly distilled DHA is invaluable for getting safe amounts of this vital heart-friendly nutrient. February is American Heart Month so it is worth summarizing some of the key DHA findings of the past year as they relate to cardiovascular health.

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Poor Flexibility is a Sign of Stiff Arteries

If you are over 40 and have trouble touching your toes, it is a likely sign that your arteries are getting stiff in direct proportion to your lack of flexibility. This is another low tech test, like putting a tape measure around your stomach, which is also predictive of hardening arteries.

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