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Triglycerides Articles:

The Blood Sugar Hormone Adiponectin is Linked to Your Circadian Clock

A detailed analysis of biological clocking genes has shown that adiponectin function is in sync with 24-hour patterns. The data also showed that fasting causes the adiponectin-relating timing to fast forward, whereas a high fat diet causes adiponectin-related timing to enter jet lag.

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Low HDL & Elevated Triglycerides are a Major Cardio Risk Factor

I have pointed out for a number of years that low HDL cholesterol and elevated triglycerides are a major risk factor for predicting cardiovascular disease and more important than total cholesterol. Now there is a group of European scientists and doctors trying to alert the world to this very message, as they say in a recent press release “Low levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and raised triglycerides, affecting millions of patients worldwide, are strongly linked to significantly increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) even in patients who achieve or surpass current low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) targets.”

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Size of Abdominal Fat Cells Predicts Future Type II Diabetes

New research spanning 35 years shows that women who had the largest size in their abdominal fat cells were twice as likely to develop Type II Diabetes later in life. The women were taking part in a Swedish study that included taking fat biopsies back in 1974-1975.

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Easy Ways to Calculate Your Goal Weight and Maximum Weight

Calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) is seldom done due to the complexity of the formula. Yet, it is important for people to have a good idea when extra weight is heading in the direction of disease risk. Researchers are now proposing a simple way for individuals to understand their “Maximum Weight Limit.”

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Leptin Problems Linked to Thyroid Cancer

When a person gains weight it is typical that leptin levels rise too high in the blood and do not get into the brain – a problem called leptin resistance that is a key force behind overeating and becoming overweight. For the first time researchers show that excessive leptin in the blood upregulates leptin receptors on thyroid cancer cells causing them to become aggressive thyroid cancer.

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Adiponectin Stops Sepsis – Relevance to H1N1 Swine Flu

A new animal study shows that low levels of adiponectin are associated with higher toxicity of sepsis whereas adequate adiponectin prevents sepsis. Adiponectin levels are low in overweight people and being overweight is a risk factor for getting severe H1N1 swine flu. Those with severe H1N1 swine flu have sepsis-like symptoms due to the toxicity and low oxygen condition produced by the infection.

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R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Lowers Triglycerides

Elevated triglycerides are a key cardiovascular risk and a sign of leptin resistance, as too many triglycerides in your blood block normal leptin entry into your brain (causing you to have excessive food cravings that tend to be out of control). A new study shows that R-alpha lipoic acid can significantly reduce the formation of triglycerides.

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Top 10 Health Stories of 2009

2009 was a busy year as gene-related exploration tools opened up a treasure trove of new discoveries. We’ve learned why some of the obvious good health habits, like getting enough sleep and exercise are more important than ever, and we’ve learned new things about health that were barely imagined even a year ago. Many of the following stories are feature length articles that are sure to broaden your understanding of natural health and as well as illustrating the extreme importance of taking really good care of yourself.

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High Intake of EPA/DHA Reduces Risks for Cardiovascular Disease

By now just about everyone is aware that consuming essential fatty acids like DHA is vital to your cardiovascular health, weight management, and general inflammation reduction. In general, the more health problems you have relating to cardiovascular health, blood sugar, weight, and inflammation, the higher the level of intake should be. A new study with Eskimos suggests that more is better as the study authors concluded, "Increasing EPA and DHA intakes to amounts well above those consumed by the general US population may have strong beneficial effects on chronic disease risk."

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DHA vs. Diabetes Drugs – Did You Balance Your PPAR Gamma Today?

The thiazolidinedione diabetes drugs Avandia and Actos will break your bones and cause heart failure. DHA will help preserve your bones and rejuvenate your heart’s function. They all activate PPAR gamma. Understanding why the drugs are so dangerous and why the nutrient is so helpful is a prime example of why nutrition excels at restoring damaged metabolism and drugs are a fast track to a number-manipulating nowhere.

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