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Triglycerides Articles:

An American Epidemic of Fat Blobs

Little fat blobs in your circulation, known as triglycerides, are now shown to be excessively elevated in 33% of Americans. These little fat blobs are turning out to be the best predictor of heart disease, especially when they are measured on a non-fasting basis.

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Vitamin D Improves Cardiovascular Markers During Weight Loss

During a 12 month weight loss program individuals taking 3,320 IU of vitamin D per day (83 µg/d) significantly improved various parameters indicating better cardiovascular health.

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Whey Protein Enhances Fat Metabolism

A new study shows that whey protein, compared to fish, casein, and gluten proteins had a far superior ability to help reduce the amount of fat in the blood following a high fat meal.

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Statins Increase the Risk for Pneumonia

I’ve been warning for years that statins are a potent immune suppressive drug, a real problem if you need a competent immune system for battling a problem like swine flu. A new study published in the British Journal of Medicine was conducted in hopes of proving that statins actually boost immunity against pneumonia – how surprised the researchers were when they found the opposite.

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Overweight Postmenopausal Women are Low in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is emerging as an important metabolic nutrient, having a definite role in the health of stored fat – although that role has not yet been clearly defined. Nevertheless, a new study using x-ray absorptiometry measurements of total body and regional fat mass in overweight postmenopausal women without osteoporosis found that fat mass significantly increased as vitamin D levels declined.

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Low Vitamin D Linked to Obesity, Low HDL, and Increased Cardiovascular Risk

A brand new study shows that those low in vitamin D have a 31% likelihood of having full blown metabolic syndrome, whereas those adequate in vitamin D have only a 10% likelihood. Vitamin D is one important nutrient required for healthy metabolism of calories.

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High Cholesterol in Middle Age Linked to Future Alzheimer’s Risk

A new study that followed 9,844 members of the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Medical Group for four decades has found that those who had total cholesterol greater than 250 when they were ages 40 to 45 were 57% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Those whose total score was between 200 and 249 were 50% more likely to have developed dementia.

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Another Study Linking Obesity to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

It is really important that this message sink in to the male population. Being overweight when you are older or gaining weight as an adult are clearly linked to risk for developing the most aggressive and deadly form of prostate cancer.

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Why Consistent Exercise Helps Keep the Weight Off

There are numerous studies showing that those who consistently exercise during and following weight loss are much more likely to maintain their new weight. The common reasons most people have to continue exercise is to maintain the better feeling of health and fitness and to burn calories. A new study provides a few new angles that may provide additional motivation. It showed that consistent exercise following weight loss directly reduced the urge to eat more food, specifically enhanced fat burning, and blunted the formation of new fat cells.

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More Science Supporting the Leptin Diet

Quoting the new press release covering the study, “Eat less, exercise more. Now there is new evidence to support adding another “must” to the weight-loss mantra: eat at the right time of day.” How flattering, I’ve been saying those exact words since publishing Mastering Leptin in 2002.

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