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Swine Flu Articles:

The Gullible Jennifer Garner Flu Shot Campaign

Flu shots remain a subject of intense controversy. Vaccinations of all types remain the centerpiece of the public health herd-mentality paradigm. Just wait until the Avian flu comes, then you will see public health at its finest. Yes, there will be police-state forced vaccinations with experimental vaccines and no right of recourse if you are injured. Thanks to our generally brain-dead Congress the laws are already on the books.

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The Swine Flu – Are Pigs to Blame?

At the epicenter of the new swine flu outbreak in Perote, Mexico is, not surprisingly, a very large commercial pig farm. It is owned by American-based Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork packer and hog producer. This location raises 950,000 hogs per year. Hogs have the unique ability to change viral DNA into something that can now recognize human cells. Thirty percent of the residents living nearby have this new swine flu.

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The New Swine Flu – Why Are Younger Adults Dying?

Up to this point most deaths from the new swine flu have occurred in Mexico, striking indiscriminately at young and old. What alarms health officials is the ability of this flu to kill seemingly healthy young adults, which is a prerequisite for a pandemic. I have also received a number of questions from concerned individuals wondering if boosting their immune system would make them more susceptible to a problem, a question I will cover in detail.

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Flu Tip – Don’t Be Your Own Petri Dish

You can do a number of things to reduce your chances of getting the flu. At the top of this list is maintaining a healthy digestive tract. While the flu is a respiratory infection, it always incubates in your digestive tract before moving to your lungs. A healthy GI tract can reduce the likelihood of viral replication as well as get your immune system into gear to deal with the problem.

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Tamiflu Causes Delirium and Suicide in Children

Our government is trumpeting how on the ball it is to get its strategic stockpile of Tamiflu out to the public. What they aren’t boasting about is that their supply is about ready to expire. The other thing they aren’t explaining to the public is the risk of delirium and suicide for children taking Tamiflu.

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Thyroid, Adrenals, & Immunity

The myopic public health machine is clinging to their anti-viral drugs and future experimental vaccines as their great hope for minimizing a potential Swine flu pandemic. It is a paradigm of assistance that woefully falls short. What the public really needs is credible immune system information that not only helps overcome the fear of this flu, but also provides tangible steps to take in addition to hand washing, hygiene, and reducing potential exposure. In the case of a pandemic, everyone will be exposed. The million dollar question is: What determines immune system fitness?

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How Flu Can Disable Your Anti-Bacterial Defense System

Interesting new research shows that a more severe viral flu paralyzes your front line immune troops so that they do see other problems. This can lead to a severe bacterial infection, such as pneumonia, which can be just as problematic as the flu itself. In fact many patients who die after getting a bad flu are actually killed by a secondary bacterial infection.

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Antacids Increase the Risk for Pneumonia

In their effort to suppress digestive symptoms doctors hand out antacid medication like candy, even to babies. Virtually no thought is given to the fact that these medications, by interfering with stomach acid, are lowering the front line defense system against any infection. A new study shows that if you go into a hospital and are prescribed Prilosec, Nexium or Prevacid you have a 30% increased risk for contracting pneumonia during your stay.

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Obesity is a Risk Factor for Swine Flu

The Center for Disease Control is alarmed that obesity may make it much more difficult to fight off the swine flu. Of ten severely ill swine flu patients at a Michigan Hospital, nine of them were obese. None of these patients have fully recovered. “What this suggests is that there can be severe complications associated with this virus infection, especially in severely obese patients,” said CDC virus expert Dr. Tim Uyeki. “And five of these patients had ... evidence of blood clots in the lungs. This has not been previously known to occur in patients with severe influenza virus infections,” Uyeki said in a telephone interview.

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Pregnant Women at Higher Risk for Severe Swine Flu

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning that pregnant women are at higher risk for life-threatening complications from the Swine Flu. Six of thirty-four U.S. pregnant women with confirmed swine flu contracted pneumonia and died. These women were healthy before contracting the flu. Compared to the general population pregnant women have a four fold risk for getting the flu.

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