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SIRT1 Articles:

Breakthrough on Circadian Rhythms, Aging, & Metabolism

Our human systems are timed to a 24 hour clock. New research has shown that this clock regulates your energy levels and thus your metabolism. The researchers found that various proteins that regulate your clock and metabolism are linked and dependent on each other. This is a profound discovery.

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Resveratrol Boosts Brain Rejuvenation

Nutrients that activate the growth of new brain networks, which have the net result of improving brain flexibility or synaptic plasticity, are central to your brain having its own “fountain of youth.” Resveratrol is known to activate the anti-aging gene known as SIRT1 which helps keep cells alive longer. The new research shows that SIRT1, via different mechanisms, also boosts the formation of new brain networks by improving synaptic plasticity.

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Sirtuin1 During Calorie Restriction – Application for Weight Management

Sirtuin1 is a longevity gene that is activated during times of food scarcity. It enables metabolism and your brain to maintain a higher-level state of function. The activation of this gene by eating less food is central to the anti-aging theory of calorie restriction. The sirtuin1 gene is also activated by the nutrient resveratrol. A novel animal study is proving new insights on how this gene works.

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Branched-Chain Amino Acids Extend Lifespan

A groundbreaking study has demonstrated that feeding middle-aged male mice branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) extended their lifespan by 12% while rejuvenating the cellular engines in their heart and muscles.

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Resveratrol Helps Improve the Fitness of Your Fat

Is your fat is fit? That’s not an oxymoron; fat plays an important role in your metabolic and cardiovascular health.

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Can Resveratrol Help Prevent Alzheimer’s?

As amyloid beta protein fragments accumulate in your brain, cognitive function is lost. An intriguing new study has documented the precise mechanism that causes ApoE4 to produce excessive amounts of amyloid beta protein – it suppresses SIRT1. When the researchers raised SIRT1 levels, the problem of excessive production of amyloid beta stops. We know from a number of other studies that resveratrol raises SIRT1 levels.

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Ubiquinol Q10 Anti-Aging Properties

It has just been published that ubiquinol Q10 turns on a variety of longevity gene signals, including SIRT1, slowing the progression of aging in mice genetically programmed to age faster.

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Resveratrol’s Amazing Anti-Aging Effect on Circulation

The aging process is marked by increasing levels of free radical damage and inflammation. These processes injure multiple body tissues including those that comprise the circulatory system. In turn, circulation becomes “leaky” and inefficient, setting the stage for significant health problems. Several recent resveratrol studies identify how resveratrol provides near miraculous benefits to circulatory health, working to directly counter the forces of aging.

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