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Top 10 Health Stories of 2009

2009 was a busy year as gene-related exploration tools opened up a treasure trove of new discoveries. We’ve learned why some of the obvious good health habits, like getting enough sleep and exercise are more important than ever, and we’ve learned new things about health that were barely imagined even a year ago. Many of the following stories are feature length articles that are sure to broaden your understanding of natural health and as well as illustrating the extreme importance of taking really good care of yourself.

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Newsweek Exposes the Fraud of Antidepressants

In a blistering article Newsweek explains the story of the cover up of the ineffectiveness of antidepressants. Americans are wondering how to contain health care costs. One of the best ways is for government programs not to pay for drug-based treatment options that cannot show effectiveness.

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Exercise Builds Brain Structure in Schizophrenia

An astounding study has shown that aerobic exercise can generate new brain structure in vital regions of the brain affected by schizophrenia.

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The Poorly Developing ADHD Brain

A study done at the National Institute of Mental Health has used neuroanatomical magnetic resonance image technology to document developmental changes in brain structure in normal children and those with ADHD. It is already known that asymmetrical development is associated with healthy motor and cognitive function. The study images show that children with ADHD lack normal asymmetric development between the right and left brain – with the prefrontal regions losing any asymmetrical development.

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At What Point Does Pleasure Become Psychopathic?

There has been plenty of attention given to various tragedies of senseless murders. What makes these psychopaths tick? For that matter, why do criminals do what they do when they must know they will eventually be caught? How can such individuals care so little about others and have no fear or remorse related to their actions? A rather surprising answer comes from research done at Vanderbilt University.

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A Lack of GABA Associated with Delusion and Poor Cognitive Function

GABA and glycine are the primary relaxing neurotransmitters in your brain. A new study with schizophrenic patients if the first to show that a lack of GABA is a common problem and associated with perception malfunction. Previously, GABA has been implicated in animal models of schizophrenia and post-mortem analysis in the brains of schizophrenic patients.

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Neurontin Increases Suicide Risk

Pfizer's Neurontin, a drug that is widely used for off-label purposes to place a Band-Aid on a variety of nerve problems has been found to increases the risk of suicide and violent death.

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Mom’s Health Has Lifelong Consequences for Children

If you are of childbearing age then your health is even more important than you may realize. Studies show a mothers health influences a baby’s health before, during, and after pregnancy.

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The Amazing New World of HDL Cholesterol

Good news and bad news on HDL cholesterol. It’s now a quantity vs. quality issue; you need high quality HDL cholesterol that is energized and ready for duty.

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