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Is Obama Bailing Out Big Pharma’s Bursting Bubble?

Bubble economics has become a painful financial lesson for America and the rest of the world. Will we learn from our mistakes? Will we get smarter about recognizing bubbles before they burst, so that the air can be let out of them in a less painful manner? It appears that our new president, in his passion to provide health care for everyone, is about to pump hot air into a bubble that is ready to explode under the weight of its own fraud and lack of results.

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Obama Tries to Sneak Major Health Care Reform into the Stimulus Bill

Under the cover of emergency economic legislation the front wave of an entire new system of health care is being pushed on Americans. The strategy for this ploy was once explained by Obama’s former appointee to head the Department of Health and Human Services, and now exposed tax cheat, Senator Tom Daschle....

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Big Pharma Teams with President Obama

Big Pharma has struck a deal with the White House – now Americans should really be concerned. Big Pharma will spend 150 million to 200 million during the August recess to run ads on TV to support the president’s struggling health care plan.

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It’s Time for a 21st Century Health Revolution

The cost for ObamaCare has many Americans trying to understand how we can foot the bill. It will connect millions more Americans to a sickness industry gone wild. States are realizing that the mandates within the legislation will force them to spend money through the Medicaid program that they do not have – and unlike the federal government states don’t have a Monopoly-style printing press. States are now making the effort to fight ObamaCare in court on points of constitutionality. I have an additional idea for the states that is certain to work: disband all the medical licensing boards. At once the runaway costs of the current health system as well as ObamaCare would be stopped, the quality of care would improve, the suppression of health-option competition would be eliminated, and a new Golden Era of healing would be ushered in.

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American Population Poisoned by Cancer-Causing Chemicals

The Obama administration appears to be moving in slow motion as the BP oil spill catastrophe unfolds like a bad nightmare. There is another environmental catastrophe the president should also be concerned about, and it is once again spelled out in a new report from researchers at Tuft’s University School of Medicine. The prevalence of high amounts of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), including bisphenol A, is a cancer causing public health crisis in America.

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