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GI Soother Articles:

Ear Infections Set the Stage for Future Obesity

Researchers at the American Psychological Association's annual meeting presented multiple studies linking the frequency of childhood ear infections to the risk of obesity.

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Heartburn, H. Pylori, & Cancer – a Whole New View

Walk into any doctor’s office today (or for the next ten years), tell them you have H. Pylori, and they will pull out their toxic cannons and fire away – certain they are saving you from your symptoms as well as future cancer. A significant body of new science shows that this view is not only wrong, but that such treatments are likely to increase the cause of esophageal cancer, the very problem they are supposed to be stopping! That's right, esophageal cancer rates in the U.S. are skyrocketing, due to the treatments that are supposed to be preventing them!

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More Than a Gut Feeling

A new study shows more clear evidence of the inseparable link between digestive balance of foreign cells and human health. In this study it was proven that specific bacteria provoke the human immune system into a pro-inflammatory condition, adversely influencing intestinal immunity and predisposing to inflammatory bowel disease.

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Study Links H. pylori to Causing Stomach Cancer

A new study highlights just how vital it is to maintain healthy balance in your digestive tract. The researchers found that a single inflammatory signal resulting from too much H. pyloria is adequate to drive processes that result in stomach cancer, the second leading cause of cancer mortality around the world.

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The Vital Need for a Healthy GI Lining

A new study provides dramatic proof of the inter-relationship between digestive contents (foreign cells) and your digestive-related immune system. Researchers have now identified that the endothelial cells that line your digestive tract sense the type of bacteria that are present in your digestive tract. In response to this perception, instructions are then given to form lymph tissue that is specific to keeping that particular foreign type of cell in check (a customized police force).

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How PCBs Damage the Developing Brain

Researchers from UC Davis have published a collection of studies demonstrating once and for all the mechanisms explaining how PCBs, which are a widespread contaminant in the US food supply, directly alter the shape and function of brain cells causing excitotoxic changes in cells that are associated with ADHD, learning disabilities, mental retardation, and other forms of cognitive impairment.

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Flu Tip – Don’t Be Your Own Petri Dish

You can do a number of things to reduce your chances of getting the flu. At the top of this list is maintaining a healthy digestive tract. While the flu is a respiratory infection, it always incubates in your digestive tract before moving to your lungs. A healthy GI tract can reduce the likelihood of viral replication as well as get your immune system into gear to deal with the problem.

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Seasonal Flu Shot Increased Risk for Getting H1N1 Flu

Canadian public health officials have dropped a bombshell on the vaccine bandwagon, publishing data that those in Canada who got the regular flu vaccine were 68% more likely to get the H1N1 swine flu. Their information has caused an uproar and massive confusion – while scientists have unproven theories and no clear-cut explanation.

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How Stress Can Turn Germs Hostile

It has long been known that stress has a direct immuno-suppressive effect. New research is demonstrating another angle on this issue; stress can turn on gene switches in bacteria that turns them from harmless to hostile.

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Digestive Inflammation, Ghrelin and Food Cravings

Ghrelin is the hunger hormone made by your stomach; it travels to your brain and impacts your desire to eat. Digestive inflammation elevates ghrelin and increases appetite even when you don't need food. The more you crave sugar or carbohydrates the greater the problem. The problem can extend to an intense craving for high calorie foods of any type, and a subconscious desire to excessively indulge in the pleasure of eating for pleasure’s sake.

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