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Bone And Joint Helper™ Articles:

Female Athletes at Risk for Bone Loss

Another study confirms that female athletes involved in significant aerobic exercise, such as running and swimming, have lower bone density. While the researchers seem puzzled by their findings, this is not hard to understand.

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High Homocysteine – A New Risk Factor for Bone Loss

Homocysteine is naturally produced by the liver during protein metabolism and then cleared with the help of the B vitamins like folic acid, B12, and B6. It is well known that if homocysteine levels build up due to B vitamin deficiency (which is common) then a toxic level of homocysteine is reached that causes cholesterol to form plaque and interferes with neurotransmitter function making depression more likely. A new study is showing that high levels of homocysteine can accumulate in bone by binding to collagen. This in turn causes abnormal collagen linking, resulting in poor bone formation. On top of that, the homocysteine also acts to stimulate osteoclasts – the type of bone cell involved in bone loss.

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Optimal Vitamin D Helps Lower Blood Pressure

A new finding about vitamin D shows that optimal blood levels of vitamin D are associated with 20% lower blood pressure. That is a rather interesting finding when you understand that there are 53% more heart attacks in the winter than in the summer and heart attacks in the winter are often more severe.

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Bone-Drug Crisis Faces American Women

Today researchers from the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute released a study showing that popular bone drugs triple the risk for the death of bone tissue, resulting in pain and disfigurement. This new information helps to explain the recent FDA warning on debilitating pain from these drugs.

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Calcium and Heart Health – Flawed Study Alarms Women

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal has insinuated that calcium intake in elderly women may increase the risk for a heart attack. The study involved 1471 postmenopausal women (mean age 74). The story has been spread by major news media and has confused and needlessly worried many women who are taking calcium for their bone health. The study contains numerous flaws and therefore its conclusion is not reliable.

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Calcium in Teenage Girls Builds Bones

A new study highlights the significant gains to be made by consistent calcium supplementation, gains that are lost when calcium supplementation is stopped. Maximizing bone development during teenage years is vital for a woman’s later-life risk for osteoporosis. Indeed, the failure to maximize optimal bone formation during teenage years is lost ground that is difficult to make up.

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Bone Research Leads to Big Fat Discovery

Scientists are now linking precise mechanisms showing how immune cells stimulate new fat cells, causing obesity.

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Dairy Prevents Bone Loss During Weight Loss

A diet of lean protein and low fat dairy, along with vegetables and fruit, was able to stop bone loss during weight loss – something that our government’s food pyramid guidelines could not do. Study participants consume 30% of their calories from protein, while the food pyramid recommends only 10% of calories from protein.

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Protect Your Bones During Weight Loss

There is a right way to lose weight and a wrong way. The wrong way is to go on a starvation low-calorie diet and induce the leptin starvation response. When this happens you lose bone mass and weight, and you are much more likely to gain the weight back later. New research shows that the jolt to your bones may continue even after the weight loss has stopped.

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Boron – Big Pharma Gets Interested

Boron is a trace mineral vital to human health, especially for your bones. Look out; Big Pharma wants to create a whole new industry centered on boron-containing drugs to treat cancer and disease. Is this good? Why are they interested? This was the hot topic of a recent European health conference.

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