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We present these success stories from Wellness Resources customers to offer you encouragement. Individual results may vary.* See how some of our customers have benefited from the Wellness Resources® high quality line of nutritional supplements.

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I can feel the difference with Wellness Resources!

I can FEEL the difference when I take Wellness Resources Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin. I recently switched from another company’s products to yours and I’m feeling great!

-Judy P.

Thank You!

I ordered the Daily Super Pack™ for my husband (who does not like to take vitamins), so the packages are great for him.  He works long hours at a physically demanding job so he needs the extra boost.  He noticed a difference after only a few days!  He said that he felt like superman!  Thanks again, he is now hooked!

—Deanna E.

Changed My Quality of Life!

Thank you for providing these quality products. I am noticing a difference in my energy level since I began using the Thyroid Energy PackageThyroid Helper®, Iosol Iodine, and Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ several weeks ago. I work an overnight shift, and I notice that I am no longer in a state of mental and physical exhaustion at the end of my shift, as I so often used to be. This makes a real difference to my quality of life, and I’m looking forward to seeing more positive benefits from long term use of these products.

—Joe P.

Best Thyroid Supplement Ever!

I tried Thyroid Helper® for the first time, and it is the best thyroid support supplement ever! I am now reordering, and am trying two other supplements.

—Charlene H.

Feeling Great!

I am 54 years old and have suffered from exhaustion, for years.  Having gone from a very fit young adult (I was a 6-mile-a-day runner for nearly 20 years) to someone who thought that exercise caused fatigue, I thought I would never, ever feel good again.  I felt as though I was just existing. I was crawling through the day and living to go to bed (even though I never slept well).  It has been about a month, and my life has changed dramatically with the Wellness Resources products. I now sleep soundly through the night, wake up with energy, and find myself looking forward to the day (and many of the stress factors are still the same). I have even recently found myself shopping for running shoes, and exercising when I get home from work.  I FEEL GREAT!  Thank you!
—Sheryl T.


Thyroid Helper® is amazing! Thyroid Helper® is amazing! I started it on Thursday and by Monday I was feeling better. I have energy all day.  I will definitely be a regular customer.



I am thrilled with Thyroid Helper® and have shared it with my daughter who is now feeling great! Thank you!

—Amy H. 

Awesome Product

I LOVE Thyroid Helper™! I have suffered from low energy for decades and this is the only supplement that helps. Thank you so much!

Doing So Well

I wanted to thank your very knowledgeable and helpful Wellness Specialists. I am feeling so much better since I have started the Wellness Program they designed for me. I sleep through the night since taking Thyroid Helper™, Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin and Iosol Iodine. We are also working on my nerve health.

With love,

Janice P.

Super Impressed

I just had to write and tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful supplements! I received my order today and took everything immediately. I purchased the Thyroid Energy Package and LeptiSlim®. Less than 30 minutes later, the mental fog I’ve had for years is GONE! Wow! Not to mention, my husky voice is also GONE, and my energy has been fabulous all day. Not jittery, no highs and lows, just sustained energy that feels so natural. I’ve missed my life, and I am so happy to have found your products. If I can feel this much better in one day, I can hardly wait to see what the cumulative effects will be as I continue this regimen. God bless you all for everything you do to help people like me who have given up on drugs and want to feel good naturally. I am SO impressed!
—Judith B.

Very Impressed with Iosol Iodine

I have been taking Wellness Resources Iosol Iodine and just couldn’t believe the immediate difference in energy I felt after taking it only 3 days! I feel so good. I recommended it to my friend and she’s is taking it and feeling great, too! Thank you.

—Alden B.

Amazed with The Leptin Diet®

I have been following the Five Rules that Byron lays out in The Leptin Diet® book for a few weeks and amazed at the results…truly amazed! As a well-known and well-educated business, which I’ve had a relationship with for 20 years, I truly and foremost trust your opinions. Thank you for your insights. Keep on with what you’re doing - I’m a good testimony that the science does indeed work! Thank you so much.


Feeling Wonderful

For years I have not been able to walk or do any strenuous activity from body aches. Since taking Thyroid Helper® and Iosol Iodine I walk well without any soreness! When I go to the grocery store I no longer have to ride a scooter! I feel like a new person! Thank you.

—Christine V.

Wellness Resources is a Vast Resource for Great Health Information

The information on your site is EXTREMELY important and vital and necessary in today’s time. Your focus on thyroid, iodine, leptin, weight and related issues is necessary, as these issues are at the crux of so many related health problems. People are beginning to get informed and helped. This information needs to continue to be spread. Thank you all.

—Jane C.

Renewed Energy with Thyroid Helper

I feel 100% better since taking Wellness Resources® Thyroid Helper®! I can do things now that I couldn’t before—I am so enthused and my energy is just soaring. I feel like a new person!

—Christine V.

Thrilled with the Thyroid Energy Package

Following the Leptin Diet® and supplementing with the Thyroid Energy Package has had a wonderful effect on my thyroid and energy levels! I have been sharing with all of my friends and family what high-quality supplements you have. I am thrilled, thank you!

—Sheree M.

Re-Energized with Thyroid Supplements

I have thyroid issues and have been taking Thyroid Helper®, Iosol Iodine, Leptinal®, LeptiSlim® and Cinnamon Plus™! I absolutely cannot live without Thyroid Helper® and recommend it to everyone I know that has thyroid problems.

I am so glad to have found something that really works for my thyroid. Thank you!

—Virginia L.

Warmed Up with the Thyroid Energy Package!

For 15 years I had felt cold all of the time.  Since using Thyroid Helper®, Iosol Iodine and Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™, I have experienced increased body warmth! Thank you!

—Linda H.

Supplements that Work!

I really appreciate the fact that you provide such valuable information on nutrition and supplements. I agree with you that they are vital to your health and well being. I have really felt a difference on your supplements Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ and Iosol Iodine…they actually work! I am so happy to have finally found reasonably priced, effective supplements from a company that genuinely cares about their clients. Thank you so much for everything you do.

—Rose L.

Effective and Natural Vitamins

I have ordered a few of your products and love them! With the Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™, Thyroid Helper® and Super Coenzyme B Complex™, I could tell a difference after only a few days of taking them.

—Teoma C.

Iosol Iodine Working Great

I originally purchased the Iosol Iodine for my 20 year old son; who stands 6’8” and weighs close to 300 pounds. Due to his size and the fact that he does not over eat I became concerned that he might have a thyroid problem. After a month, he tells me that he feels better, is sleeping through the night and has lost about a considerable amount of weight.

Recently, I bought the product for myself and my fiancé. I have notice that I’m not as cold and my mood has improved. I plan on continuing the use of the Iodine.  Thanks to your website I was able to make a well informed decision.

—Lori L.

The Best Prenatal Vitamins

I ordered the Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ for my pregnant daughter. She loves them and has since ordered her own supply.


Thyroid Helper has Changed My Life

I absolutely love the Thyroid Helper®; it has changed my life, I feel so much better, and not as tired. I feel great!

—Donna S.

I Love Your Multiple

I really believe in these supplements. I definitely have more energy when taking the Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™.

—Carlyn J.

Great Multiple Vitamin

I take Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ and can definitely tell when I’m out. I tell people all the time, if you take supplements for a while and you quit and you can’t tell the difference, you’re definitely wasting your money. Your supplements really make a difference!

—Tim L.

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