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We present these success stories from Wellness Resources customers to offer you encouragement. Individual results may vary.* See how some of our customers have benefited from the Wellness Resources® high quality line of nutritional supplements.

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Quality Products and Speedy Service Too !

I am so impressed, not only with the quality of your products, but with your speedy service!  The rapid delivery is outstanding!  Thank you

- J. Isaacson

Success with the Leptin Diet !

I am so happy to say I lost 8 pounds in a month with a 30 day Leptin Diet Challenge.  Even better, I feel free from obsessing over food, which will be forever lasting. With the 5 Rules of the Leptin Diet I finally feel I can eat out without feeling guilty. I never thought that could happen so fast!


I’m down 50 Pounds !

I have tried every diet out there.  After starting on The Leptin Diet, I no longer have the evening cravings, and I don’t get hungry between meals.  My Doctor is going to be happy to see I am down 50 pounds since last year. Thank you!

-Jack B.

The Best in 77 Years!

The Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin is the first vitamin I’ve tried in 77 years, that made a difference in my energy level. 

- Margaret S.

No More Gas or Bloating!

After starting on Digestive Helper, Super Dophilus, and Candida Helper, my digestion is so much better.  I have no more gas, bloating, or diarrhea.  Thank you!


Very Impressive!

I was very impressed with the online class on Fibromyalgia,and the information in the Leptin Diet Book. This is the first time I’ve listened to someone discuss the topic that truly understood what I was going through. 

When Nothing Else Helped, The Leptin Diet Made a Difference!

In desperation I figured your Leptin Diet plan wouldn’t hurt and it just might help. BINGO! Within one day, I noticed a difference. I have been on the plan for 7 days as of today and feel better than I have in about 3 months. I was surprised too, as I figured I would never make it 5 hours without eating. It really has been remarkable. I am sleeping like a log at night as well. My sleep had been a mess for awhile but now I fall asleep and STAY asleep all night. What a relief that is to get the rest I need. I want to thank you for your research and your books. They have made all the difference for me, when nothing else helped.

Simply follow the 5 Rules

If you just follow the 5 Rules of the Leptin Diet, supplement properly and get some
exercise the problem will pretty much take care of itself. 
Byron’s articles and podcasts are interesting and informative. Now if
only I could find a doctor who knew as much about nutrition, and wasn’t a pill-pusher!
-Sue D

99 Years and Still Going Strong!

Please rush me the supplements….my 99 year old mother loves them.

-Michael J.

Fabulous Fish Oil!

The Wellness Resources Daily DHA is the only fish oil product I can use without getting a nose bleed…..and I’ve tried them all.
– J.E.

Calcium AEP is Unmatched

I own an herb store and I’m a massage therapist, and I’ve never found a product that does what Calcium AEP does!  I love it.  Thank you. 
- M.T.

At 82 years old, I’m feeling great!

I’m 82 years old and the doctor said that every one of my tests were great!  He asked me how I keep myself so healthy, and I told him that I take vitamins.  I still rake my own leaves and shovel my snow too….but you also have to have a positive attitude!


Feeling Better with Iosol Iodine

I really appreciate your knowledge and insight about Iosol Iodine. I am 53 years old and I wish that I had known about this when I was a teen. The tremendous change in my energy level is enough to make me a true Iosol Iodine fan. I have noticed other improvements in my health also; thicker hair, stronger nails, and the ability to exercise (because I feel better).

-Mary S. 

I Lost 63 Pounds and Never Felt Better!

After trying numerous low calorie diets and detailed calorie reports, I stumbled across The Leptin Diet™. I found that by eating more calories than before, I started feeling less hungry, my cravings disappeared, and the scale began a steady decline! The rules were simple to follow. As of today, I have lost 63 pounds and have never felt better!  My body is now in balance and the weight continues to disappear with hardly an effort on my part. Just stick to the five rules and watch your body do the rest. Thank you!

-Stephanie F.

I went from Size 10 to Size 8

When I heard Byron say, “You may already eat a healthy diet and exercise, yet the weight still isn’t coming off,” I thought, yes—that’s me!  I have now learned to eat less and feel great with The Leptin Diet™.  I am taking supplements and it is working. I know that continuing these habits is easy for me, and I will continue to lose the extra weight I have been carrying around for so long. I do look better, feel better, and did go from a size 10 to a size 8. Thank you for the guidance and education I needed to begin to lose weight!

-P. Colanero

Losing Weight is Now Possible!

I thought that losing weight wasn’t possible for me. I figured my weight wasn’t budging because of middle age or because of hormones. I had lost hope of ever seeing the 130’s on the scale again. Thanks to the The Leptin Diet™, I am now back in the mid 130’s and I have hopes of reaching my ideal weight in the 120’s!  Thank you to Byron and the Leptin Diet Coaches for your help and inspiration!

-Shari G.

I can feel the difference with Wellness Resources!

I can FEEL the difference when I take Wellness Resources Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin. I recently switched from another company’s products to yours and I’m feeling great!

-Judy P.

Daily Protein Plus is Satisfying and Delicious!

I wanted to let you know how much I like the Daily Protein Plus™
It is VERY satisfying and delicious! I have tried other brands that were just unpalatable!
I use it with my chilled left-over hot chocolate, add ice and blend in the blender.

Thank you so much for this delightful product!

Amy H.

Awesome and Highly Educational

Thank you for the website and weekly podcast. I have learned so much from you. I have taken your telecourse and listen religiously to the weekly Podcast!  It is AWESOME and highly educational. You are helping a lot of people.

-David M.

I’m now in Control and Filled with Hope

I am really amazed how little information is given to people that suffers from chronic diseases at the NHS (National Health Service for Scotland) in the UK.
I left my doctors office with a diagnosed illness, and an emotional shock for not understanding why or how I’ve acquired the disease. The only thing I knew was that my body was letting me down and I felt depressed and hopeless. I reviewed literature in libraries and on the web that clearly left me confused and worried because I have to live with prescribed medication all my life. Thank you so much for this invaluable work. I feel now that I’m in control and full of hope!

-Veronica A.


Digestive Relief With Super Dophilus

I am so happy with Super Dophilus™. I always have difficulty with upset stomach and digestion on trips abroad which lasts the whole trip and a week after. On my last trip to my mother’s wedding, I wanted to be proactive so I took the Super Dophilus a week before and during my trip and I had NO problems at all. My stomach was absolutely normal through the entire trip and continued when I arrived back home. I had been so worried that I would be having stomach issues the day of my mother’s wedding, but it didn’t fail me at all. I am still taking it each day, because it makes me feel so good with less bloating. I love it.

—Melissa R.

The Leptin Habits!

The Leptin Diet™ is less like a diet, and more like improving habits by applying the 5 rules. - S.R.

Huge improvement in lab test results

Thank you so much for the podcast and informative website. I have learned a great deal and my health has improved tremendously as a result. Yesterday all my medical tests came back with every result showing huge improvement, following a wake-up call last November. After being on The Leptin Diet regimen, my cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and blood pressure are now all in the normal range! Thank you!!
-Vicki G.

Over Plateau with The Leptin Diet

In 2008 I weighed in at 445 lbs. Dieting helped me reduce my weight to 317 lbs by 2010. I was eating seven times per day and consuming a lot of artificial sweeteners, including diet soda, and had hit a plateau. I found The Leptin Diet and have since lost 40 lbs and 4 inches off of my waist. I still have a long way to go, and with the Leptin Diet and learning how to eat clean (no artificial sweeteners, other chemicals), I feel so much better!

God Bless you and your family. Thank you again!

—Brian B.

Keep up the good work, Byron!

Thank you for waking me up to the truth about nutrition with the excellent and informative articles you’ve written throughout the year. I read every one of them, and listen to your podcast weekly. I appreciate your ability to educate me with your articles on how supplements and natural foods work in the body.

Several years ago my husband was dealing with a blood sugar issues. He was obese, and doctors sent him home with an array of drugs, telling him he’d be on them for life. Two years later, after following The Leptin Diet, he is trim and fit. He took the drugs for a year and then threw them out. He went to the doctor for a checkup after being off drugs for a year, and didn’t tell the doc about it. The doctor praised the drugs for doing their job, and my husband just rolled his eyes and tore up the prescriptions as he went out the door.

Thank you Byron, for all the good you do. The articles on the website are excellent and informative - keep up the good work!

Annette R.

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