Lipoic Acid Helps Radiation Exposed Workers

Byron's Comments:

Lipoic acid is known to quench free radicals generated by radiation. In this study it even helps workers many years after the fact of exposure to high levels of radiation.

Study Title:

Immunomodulating effect of berlithione in clean-up workers of the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident.

Study Abstract:

Effects of the antioxidant berlithione (alpha-lipoic acid) on indices for the immune system, such as complement titer, C3-component of the complement, reaction of the autorosette formation were studied together with those on parameters characterizing cell-bound and humoral immunity. 11-12 years following the Chernobyl accident, nine liquidators of its aftermaths were examined, aged 51.8 +/- 7.2 years, body mass (BM) 27.3 +/- 4.2 kg/m2, radiation dose 73.2 +/- 35.3 rem, who took part in the elimination of the effects of the accident for no more than 3 months in 1986—at the beginning of 1987. All examinees were prescribed the drug berlithione (alpha-lipoic acid), 600 mg per day over two months. A two-month treatment with berlithione, 600 mg/day, resulted in normal levels of indices for unspecific defence; among these were phagocytic activity of neutrophiles, content of the complement, its C3-component, and reaction of autorosette formation in the accident effects liquidators, but no impact was found on cell-mediated and humoral immunity

Study Information:

Zueva NA, Metelitsa LA, Kovalenko AN, Efimov AS. Immunomodulating effect of berlithione in clean-up workers of the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident. Lik Sprava.  2002 January :24-6.

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