Estriol Safety and Menopausal Symptoms

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The body of data points to one of potential usefullness and general safety for a majority of women.

Study Title:

Estriol: safety and efficacy.

Study Abstract:

While conventional hormone replacement therapy provides certain benefits, it is not without significant risks. Estriol has been found to provide some of the protection without the risks associated with stronger estrogens. Depending upon the situation, estriol may exert either agonistic or antagonistic effects on estrogen. Estriol appears to be effective at controlling symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, and frequent urinary tract infections. Results of research on its bone-density-maintaining effects have been contradictory, with the most promising results coming from Japanese studies. Estriol’s effect on cardiac risk factors has also been somewhat equivocal; however, unlike conventional estrogen prescriptions, it does not seem to contribute to hypertension. Although estriol appears to be much safer than estrone or estradiol, its continuous use in high doses may have a stimulatory effect on both breast and endometrial tissue.

Study Information:

Head KA. Estriol: safety and efficacy. Altern Med Rev.   1998 April  3(2):101-13.
Thorne Research, Inc., Dover, ID 83825, USA.

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