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Ask Byron Health Q & A

with Byron J Richards, Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist

What is the best source of iron?

Byron: Food sources of iron do not always provide the best absorption. Iron bisglycinate is a fantastic source of iron found in our Blood Builder that is nontoxic and non-irritating to the stomach. Ferrous sulfate or iron supplements found in mass production or in prescription form are notoriously hard to absorb and contribute to stomach irritation and constipation. Why settle for something irritating and potentially toxic, when there a much gentler non-toxic form of iron with Blood Builder.

Adequate iron is vital for properly oxygenated blood, muscle function, thyroid function, and growth. Athletes, children, women, and elderly individuals have higher needs, although any person with muscle fatigue may be lacking in iron. Iron has recently been identified as a key nutrient in cells that enables thyroid/ zinc gene signals to function in metabolic pathways. A lack of iron inside cells may reduce up to 80 different gene signals that would otherwise be following "thyroid instructions." A lack of iron may handicap metabolism and cause metabolic fatigue.*

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