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Are you experiencing a persistent or stubborn health problem and have been unable to find a solution? Have you felt hopeless in your search for health answers? You need a knowledgeable health and nutrition expert.

Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist, world-renowned author and leading natural health nutrition expert Byron J. Richards has helped tens of thousands of people over the past 25 years to overcome health obstacles and achieve optimum health. He has restored health and happiness in those who had previously given up hope. Byron specializes in solving complex health issues. See how his expert nutrition advice can help you!

What should I expect in a consultation with the health and nutrition expert?

Byron will interview you and identify the source of your health issues. He will answer your health questions and give you step-by-step expert nutrition guidance on how to achieve your health goals. He will design a nutritional supplement program tailored to your specific needs.

How should I prepare for the consultation?

Depending on the complexity of the health issues, it may be helpful to outline your health history and write down questions before the consultation. We also recommend checking out the class page at www.WellnessResources/classroom.php where Byron has posted several of his past health classes that are helpful to view prior to the consultation.

Discover how nutrition expert Byron J. Richards can help you!

Don’t wait! See how Byron J. Richards can help you to reach your health goals. He will answer your toughest questions, provide beneficial health information and life-changing solutions, and design a Personalized Wellness Program for you. Consults may be conducted in person or over the phone from anywhere in the world. Be well, be inspired, and take control of your health with expert nutrition advice.

To book a Personal Consultation call: (952)929-4575 | (800)717-WELL (9355) or send us an email request.
Phone consultations are available nationwide and internationally. Office consultations are held in Edina, Minnesota.

Specialty nutrition expertise:

  • Leptin & Weight Management
  • Thyroid, Energy & Metabolism
  • Attention & Focus
  • Adrenals
  • Allergies & Sinus Health
  • Blood Pressure & Circulation
  • Bone & Joint Support
  • Candida & Digestion
  • Cholesterol & Blood Sugar
  • Detoxification
  • Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue
  • Immune Function
  • Memory & Cognitive Function
  • Men & Women’s Hormonal Balance
  • Muscle Health
  • Prenatal & Post-Partum Nutrition
  • Respiratory Health
  • Skin: Psoriasis, Eczema, Fungus, Acne
  • Natural Sleep Support
  • Stress & Mood

Take advantage of Byron J. Richards' nutrition expertise! Even if you have more complex health issues, he will provide life-changing solutions for you.

Consultation Packages:
We highly recommend packages A and B, as they include follow-up to ensure the highest rate of success, and are an excellent value!

Package A:
One 50-minute appointment, two 25-minute follow-up appointments - $250 ($300 value, save $50)
Package B:
Three 25-minute appointments - $190
($225 value, save $35)

Single Consultations:

  • 25 minutes – $75
  • 50 minutes – $150

We hear amazing success stories every day. Make the decision today to become one of them.

For questions and scheduling with nutrition expert, Byron J. Richards, please call us at (800)717-9355 or email us.

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