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The dramatic discoveries of the past few years relating to stress and mood have largely been ignored. The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that your mind runs on high quality energy-producing nutrition -- a completely safe and natural way to help manage stress and keep your mood positive.*

When I design dietary supplement formulations one of my key focal points is seeking to support optimal function of your brain and nerves. The most fundamental principle of a good mental outlook is having energy. Your brain runs on energy. Superior energy-producing nutrition is your ticket to a brighter outlook.*

Adrenal Support Package Adrenal Support Package

Includes one bottle of each: Adrenal Helper (90 caps), Pantethine (90 caps), RelaxaMag™ (100 caps). Improves mental energy, stress tolerance, and mood.* Complimentary to the Thyroid Energy Package. 25% off!

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Thyroid Energy Package™ Thyroid Energy Package™

1 month supply includes: Thyroid Helper (One 90 capsule bottle), Daily Energy (One 90 capsule bottle), Iosol Iodine (One 1oz bottle)
2 month supply includes: Thyroid Helper (One 180 capsule bottle), Daily Energy (Two 90 capsule bottles), Iosol Iodine (One 1oz bottle)

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Best Stress & Mood Supplements:

Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™

Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ is the top energy-producing and mood-boosting multiple vitamin available anywhere. Only the finest quality pre-energized coenzyme forms of B vitamins are used. These are easy to absorb and readily cross your blood brain barrier. Special Krebs cycle bioactive cofactors facilitate energy production to offset fatigue.*

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Stress Helper® Stress Helper®

Stress Helper® provides a critical boost of specialty stress-busting nutrients that significantly help your brain keep up with increased demands and pressure. By stabilizing and supporting the flow of nerve transmission for all your basic neurotransmitters, better mental performance and mood is supported.*

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Thyroid Helper® Thyroid Helper®

Optimized thyroid function provides the foundation of energy production needed to keep your head awake and feeling energized. Sluggish thyroid function invariable takes its toll on your mental performance. Thyroid Helper® provides the key nutrients to help keep your thyroid functioning well, especially when under stress.*

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Magnesium, RelaxaMag™ Magnesium, RelaxaMag™

Contains the relaxing mineral magnesium bound to the amino acid glycine, Krebs bionutrients, and vitamin C. Take 1-2, as needed, during the day to help reduce or prevent feelings of tension and to smooth out your mood. May be used regularly or as needed, in combination with other energy support nutrition like Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin, Stress Helper, or Thyroid helper. It is also great before bed, used by itself or with other sleep support nutrition to relax nerves and promote more restful sleep.* Take 1-3 at bedtime.

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Brain Protector™ Brain Protector™

Brain Protector™ contains key nutrients to enhance protection of the brain and nervous system. Includes blueberry and more.*

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Super Brain Booster™ Super Brain Booster™

Super Brain Booster™ is designed to boost brain and nerve function to support focus, memory, learning, and general cognitive health.*

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Leptin Control Pack® Leptin Control Pack®

Stress Helper® and Thyroid Helper® are also part of our comprehensive packet of nutrients to help weight management. Additionally, this packet contains nutrients that assist stress-related food cravings and appetite control.*

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