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Nutrients are the building blocks of body structure. Your body requires various nutrients for daily repair and rejuvenation activities. High quality nutritional supplements are quite helpful to support repair processes and maintain healthy joints, skin, and body structures.*

If the vital nutrients to repair your body are not available, it is like trying to repair a house without enough construction materials. When wear and tear on your body is allowed to continue, you are more likely to develop aches, pains, cellulite, and poor skin. Your body needs enough rejuvenating nutrients to help offset wear and tear and help offset gravity! The greater your demands and pressure, the higher your body's need for nutrients.*

 The Best Nutrients for Rejuvenation

High quality dietary supplements concentrate the vital nutrients needed to rejuvenate any aspect of your body's structure. At Wellness Resources, our focus is on real quality, giving you the very best nutritional resources to make improvements and maintain your health.*

Our top Wellness Resources rejuvenation supplements are listed below. Subsequent pages in this section give you a more in-depth explanation of how these supplements can support your structural health in a variety of ways.

Rejuvenation & Repair Supplements:

Rejuvenation Pack™ Rejuvenation Pack™

The Rejuvenation Pack™ provides key nutrients to improve joint lubrication, strengthen collagen, nourish nerves, and enhance skin structure. Improve recovery from daily activities or exercise.* Each individually-wrapped packet contains: 2 JointAll, 1 Skin Rejuvenator, 1 Repair Plus, 1 Bone & Joint Helper, 1 Calcium AEP, and 1 Sulfur Plus

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JointAll™ JointAll™

JointAll™ is our premier joint formula designed to help reduce stiffness, strengthen collagen structures, and improve joint mobility. JointAll™ contains the highest quality hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, feverfew, and ginger. This is excellent nutrient support for joints, tissue repair and even skin structure. Take two capsules before bed and two in the morning and notice the difference!*

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Skin Rejuvenator™ Skin Rejuvenator™

Skin Rejuvenator™ contains important nutrients for connective tissue formation and the structural integrity of collagen, including glucosamine, MSM sulfur, and grape seed proanthocyanidins. These nutrients support formation of new tissue as well as strengthening existing tissue that may have been stressed. Also included are the special antioxidant nutrients lycopene and green tea, known to help protect your skin from chemicals and sun exposure.*

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Repair Plus™ Repair Plus™

Repair Plus™ contains the highest potency purified papain and bromelain available. Papain and bromelain are called proteolytic enzymes, a type of enzyme the body uses to naturally assist routine repair and recovery from the demands of normal wear and tear. This formula also uses the highest grade curcumin available, a special extract of 95% curcuminoids and highly purified quercetin (a bioflavonoid). These nutrients are classified as biological response modifiers, unique nutrition that helps cells carry out proper function relating to various types of stress, and have also been shown to support bone health.*

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Bone & Joint Helper™ Bone & Joint Helper™

Bone & Joint Helper™ provides nutrients to promote bone health and strength, a booster product for use with other products containing calcium. It increases the amount of vitamin D, uses a unique food form of boron, and features a standardized and clinically tested extract of the bone support herb Cissus quadrangularis. It also contains a standardized and clinically tested form of the herb boswellia serrata, known as 5-Loxin®, a nutrient that also promotes joint comfort and knee mobility.*

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Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a key natural component of all connective tissue in the body, and is specific support for the synovial fluid that helps lubricate joints. Hyaluronic Acid also makes up the backbone of cartilage, the cushioning in your eyes, and is highly concentrated in your skin. It is found throughout your body, helping joints and tissues have resiliency, ease of movement, and cushioning to distribute mechanical loads (shock absorbers). Our product contains the first truly absorbable natural form of this nutrient, known as low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.* (Also in JointAll™)

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Calcium AEP Calcium AEP

Calcium AEP is an amazing form of calcium that helps nourish the myelin sheathing of nerves. It is 10% calcium bound to 90% Amino Ethanol Phosphate (AEP). It is the AEP part that gives this product its unique characteristics. AEP is attracted to cell membranes throughout the body, especially cells protecting nerves (myelin sheathing). AEP supports the structural integrity of cell membranes, helping to build the phospholipid layer of the cell. Since nerve cells are very high in phospholipids, it is excellent nutritional support for nerves and helps buffer against the demands of stress.*

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Sulfur Plus™ Sulfur Plus™

Sulfur Plus improves hair strength and may reduce hair thinning in both men and women. It contains MSM sulfur, biotin, and TMG. Nicknamed the "beauty mineral", MSM sulfur is highly concentrated in the skin and hair. Biotin is important for hair, skin, and bone structure. TMG has been shown to improve mood.*

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Grape Seed Extract 100 Grape Seed Extract 100

Grape Seed Extract 100 contains red grape seed extract, a potent bioflavonoid antioxidant in the polyphenol family. Grape Seed Extract supports the health of tissues throughout the body. It supports collagen integrity, antioxidant status, capillary strength, dental health, brain cell health, and immunity.*

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GI & Muscle Helper™ GI & Muscle Helper™

GI & Muscle Helper provides nutrients that improve muscle recovery from exercise. It also helps strengthen the lining of the digestive tract and improve lubrication of mucosal linings throughout the body. It may even help dry eyes.*

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