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Postpartum Nutrition

The birth of your children is one of the great joys in life. It is also a vulnerable time for both mother and child. It is truly unfortunate that families are not more aware of advanced nutritional science and how it can help ensure the postpartum time is relatively free of problems.

Delivery itself is a major life event for the entire family. For mother and child, immense pain is naturally involved. Giving birth activates large amounts of the primary pain-modulating neuropeptide called substance P. It is critically important for the first two weeks after delivery, for both mother and child, to recover from excessive substance P activation. And it is vitally important over the next six months that the inherent demands of a new child do not drain you so much that substance P issues result in a poor mood that interferes with the joyous miracle of motherhood.

Not managing substance P activation properly is the primary cause of mood disruption following delivery. Once in motion, substance P problems are self-reinforcing, meaning that problems can just get worse. Understanding what is happening as well as having steps to take that can solve the problem are great tools for keeping everyone in the family on track. Nutritional solutions stand at the forefront of safe and effective means to help both mother and child.

Nursing one's child is of the utmost importance -- for many reasons. Pregnancy and the first few years of life have a tremendous impact on the future health of your child. Having children is a huge responsibility. The future well being of our society depends on the majority of couples doing it right -- which includes superior postpartum care for both mother and child.

What You Need to Know About Postpartum Nutrition

In the following sections I discuss the key topics involving postpartum nutrition. This information builds on information I have provided in the Prenatal Nutrition health topic section of our website. All aspects of successful prenatal nutrition should be maintained during the first six months following pregnancy -- and possibly for the entire lactation period. Click here to read about Prenatal Nutrition.

I am a proponent of drug-free natural child birth whenever possible as well as breastfeeding of your child for the first two years of life (with solid food being gradually introduced by six months). Most baby formulas are problematic for one reason or another, especially their poor quality of iron which can fuel indigestion and the growth of hostile bacteria and Candida Albicans -- resulting in a myriad of unnecessary health problems including ear infections and poor cognitive development. I understand that the ideal situation is not always medically possible, but I don't consider C-Sections or not nursing your child based on convenience to be healthy choices for anyone. If you are going to have children make it the priority in your lives. It pays to understand what to do when bumps are encountered along the way, as effective solutions can save a lifetime of distress.

Best Postpartum Supplements:

Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin™ Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin™

A complete prenatal multivitamin and mineral complex. It provides a foundation of high quality nutrients to support preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum health. It includes coenzyme B-vitamins, coenzyme folic acid and iron bisglycinate.

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Daily Protein Plus™ Daily Protein Plus™

Protein is the most important calorie for milk production. Several protein shakes a day may be needed, along with other dietary protein, to meet the needs of adequate milk production and improved mood.*

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Leptinal® - The Leptin Helper Leptinal® - The Leptin Helper

Leptinal is an excellent supplement to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding to support mom's mood and baby's brain, eye, and nerve development. It includes mercury-free DHA fish oil, tocotrienol vitamin E, borage oil, pomegranate extract, and citrus polyflavones.*

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Quercetin Quercetin

Naturally helps to remove excessive substance P from nerves. Take 1-2 up to four times a day.*

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Stress Helper® Stress Helper®

Provides excellent nutrients for stress tolerance, reducing food cravings from stress, and weight management. Supports adrenal health and improves mental clarity and mood.*

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