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Do you have low energy, food cravings, weight gain? The key issue that underlies difficult weight loss is the problem of leptin resistance, where the fat hormone leptin is not working efficiently in metabolism. Weight loss can be very difficult for individuals with leptin problems. These issues include: food cravings, weight gain, yo-yo dieting, and slow metabolism.*

Nutrition can help balance leptin function in the body. The Leptin Control Pack contains the best natural weight management supplements to safely boost metabolism, curb cravings, increase energy, and help you maintain a healthy weight.*

These supplements work along with a healthy diet and exercise. We recommend following the guidelines in The Leptin Diet:

The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet
The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge #1
The Leptin Diet book

Best Weight Management Supplements

Leptin Control Pack® Leptin Control Pack®

The Leptin Control Pack® contains top Wellness Resources weight management supplements in convenient on-the-go packets. These supplements help improve thyroid function, metabolism, blood sugar health, appetite signals, and energy production. They do not contain stimulants, hormones, or useless fat or starch blockers. The Leptin Control Pack® is a synergistic combination of safe and effective nutrients for healthy weight management*

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Leptinal® - The Leptin Helper Leptinal® - The Leptin Helper

Leptinal® mproves metabolism and facilitates fat burning instead of fat storage. It improves leptin hormone communication with the brain and helps prevent excess fat from blocking the function of leptin and thyroid hormone. Leptinal® also supports cardiovascular health and cholesterol metabolism.*

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LeptiSlim® LeptiSlim®

Curbs appetite, reduces food cravings, increases metabolic rate, and helps promote stable blood sugar. One of our best products to help overcome food cravings, and may be taken as needed for this purpose.*

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Thyroid Helper® Thyroid Helper®

Specialty formula to enhance conversion of basic thyroid hormone T4 to active T3. Essential nutrition for anyone with thyroid issues. Helps energy, mood, motivation, and weight management.*

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Stress Helper® Stress Helper®

Boosts mood, in turn reducing the likelihood of eating in response to stress. The nutrients in Stress Helper® (pantethine, acetyl-l-carnitine, and carnosine) directly enhance the burning of fat for fuel and/or the stability of appetite signals in response to stress.*

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Cinnamon Plus™ Cinnamon Plus™

Cinnamon Plus™ contains standardized cinnamon, green coffee berry and banaba leaf extracts. It may be used with LeptiSlim® to support healthy blood sugar levels, control cravings, and improve glucose metabolism. It is designed to help the liver burn fat instead of produce sugar.*

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Green Tea Extract Green Tea Extract

This superior quality Green Tea Extract is standardized for high amounts of polyphenols, total catechins, and EGCG. These antioxidant compounds support weight management, fat burning, and insulin function. Green tea also naturally contains some caffeine, which works with EGCG to increase metabolism. Conversely, decaffeinated green tea has not been shown to help weight loss.*

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Mangosteen Plus™ Mangosteen Plus™

Mangosteen Plus is a natural diuretic containing cranberry concentrate along with a fruit extract of mangosteen, which participates in antioxidant processes relating to fatty structures.

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Pine Nut Oil Pine Nut Oil

Pine Nut Oil contains a unique fatty acid (pinolenic acid) that is highly effective at reducing appetite signals. Studies show that three grams (3 capsules) can reduce hunger signals by 60 percent for four hours. Pine Nut Oil also helps improve mental energy and soothe the digestive tract.*

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LeptiFiber® LeptiFiber®

LeptiFiber® contains high quality soluble fibers that help slow the rate of food absorption and provide a full feeling on less food. LeptiFiber® also helps absorb and clear sugars and fats. Take 35 to 50 grams of fiber per day to enhance weight loss efforts. This fiber powder is almost tasteless and mixes well with water or a Daily Protein™ smoothie.*

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The Leptin Diet: How Fit Is Your Fat? The Leptin Diet: How Fit Is Your Fat?

Break free from food obsession, learn the Five Rules for healthy weight management, and take charge of your health today!

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