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Science demonstrates that a wide array of nutrients are essential to maintain health. Also, demands such as stress and pollution take a toll on your health. Using nutrition to compensate for modern life is far different than the idea of simply being deficient in something; rather, this is about maintaining your vital health reserves so you are more likely to maintain good health at any age. Wellness Resources knows this is the basis of anti-aging nutrition and essential for maximizing your genetic potential.*

Wellness Resources Daily Supplements contain the highest quality, most absorbable nutrients for optimum health. It's a quality difference you can actually feel!

The Daily Super Pack™ is your foundation for a quality supplement program. It contains individually-wrapped packets of seven essential daily supplements to cover your nutrient needs!

The Daily Super Pack™ and Individual Daily Supplements:

Daily Super Pack™ Daily Super Pack™

This power pack contains the highest quality, comprehensive nutrition to fortify a wide range of the most important health needs that are vital to your well-being. Each convenient packet provides 1-Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™, 2-Daily Bone Xcel™, 1-Daily Builder™, 1-Daily Protector™, 1-Daily Balancer™, 1-Daily Super E™, and 1-Daily DHA™. Great nutrition made simple.*

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Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™

This is the only multiple vitamin that is specifically formulated to noticeably boost your mood and your energy – helping you to have better stress tolerance as well as keep your energy maintained better during the day (less fatigue). This product is also specially formulated to naturally clear homocysteine – a cardiovascular irritant. Do not let the energizer bunny pass you by – keep up – take Daily Energy Multi and live life in the fast lane.*

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Daily Bone Xcel™ Daily Bone Xcel™

Do not count on gym chalk (calcium carbonate) to build your bones. Our top bone formula contains highly absorbable Coral Calcium (from the ocean) and MCHC (a true bone food concentrate). It includes essential bone nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, manganese, boron, silica, and strontium -- all basics for building strong bones. 5 capsules provide 1,000 mg of calcium. Note: 2 Daily Super Packs per day provide 1118 mg of calcium.*

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Daily Builder™ Daily Builder™

You absolutely must offset the physical wear and tear of your life. Daily Builder™ not only helps your bones, but also supports joints, collagen, skin, and all connective tissue. This is our top product to support the low back and hips. Do not let your body go through the day lacking the most basic nutrients for recovery, otherwise wear and tear just pile up.*

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Daily Protector™ Daily Protector™

This is a true superfood of the finest vegetable and fruit extracts available anywhere in the world, along with a comprehensive antioxidant defense system providing A, C, and E, and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC). A whopping 10 mg of lutein is in each capsule making Daily Protector an ideal eyesight support formula. Do not let your antioxidant bank account run low. Your immune system must have these nutrients to work properly and all your cells need adequate antioxidants to live healthfully.*

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Daily Balancer™ Daily Balancer™

100% of Americans tested at random were found to be accumulating potent toxins in their fat – this is the nature of the pollution problem facing everyone. Never in evolution have we been exposed to so many chemicals in our air, water, and food. Do not be a passive participant in this rather cruel experiment. Daily Balancer™ is our premier liver and detoxification support product. You do not have to let poisons accumulate over the course of your life – protect yourself. Daily Balancer™ provides essential nutrition to help your body properly take out the trash.*

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Daily Super E™ Daily Super E™

Daily Super E™ contains the special form of vitamin E known as tocotrienol, a true gift of nature to your health. There is no other form of vitamin E that even comes close. Unlike regular vitamin E tocotrienols contain a unique "side chain" called an isoprenoid which enables them to do things plain vitamin E can not. It offers highly superior antioxidant protection for your brain and circulatory system. Unlike plain vitamin E, tocotrienols even support healthy cholesterol metabolism.*

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Daily DHA™ Daily DHA™

Molecularly-distilled, mercury-free fish oil. It is specifically high in the DHA component which helps mood, learning, and focus. It also supports the cardiovascular system. Essential omega 3 oils are commonly lacking from the diet.*

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