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Many factors play a role in children's health. Diet quality, exercise, digestive health, immune system function, and brain nutrition are important areas for any child.

The foods that many children eat today are lacking in nutritional value. We recommend that children avoid excess sugar, food colorings, additives, and processed foods. Also, it is smart to eat organic foods whenever possible.

The supplements listed on this page contain nutrients that help support growth and healthy development.* Super Mini-Multi™ is the highest quality multi-vitamin for children that we know of. It is excellent nutrition for any child.*

We have also listed nutrients help support focus, learning, behavior, sleep, and immunity.* These supplements are extremely safe for children to take to naturally support healthy body function, growth, and development.*

Best Children's Health Supplements:

Children's Support Package Children's Support Package

1 Super Mini Multi™ (120 caps), and 1 DHA Kids (90 caps), 1 Immune Plus™ (6 oz powder)

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Super Mini-Multi™ Super Mini-Multi™

Excellent multiple vitamin for children. High quality coenzyme B vitamins and minerals are essential for brain development and growth.* No artificial colors or flavors. Small capsules that may be pulled apart and mixed in food or juice.

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Grape Seed Extract 100 Grape Seed Extract 100

Highest quality grape seed proanthocyanadins. This vital component of fruit participates in the antioxidant process and helps protect the nervous system from stress.* Each capsule contains 100 mg; use 0.5 mg per pound of body weight to supplement the diet.

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Immune Plus™ Immune Plus™

Arabinogalactan is a branched carbohydrate extracted from larch trees. It partly works as a fiber and partly works as an immune support nutrient.* It reduces stagnation in the lymph system, which supports the healthy function of the sinuses and ears.* May be taken daily or used as needed.

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Calcium, Coral Calcium Calcium, Coral Calcium

This easy-to-mix powder is an excellent way to add calcium and magnesium to the diet. Helps restlessness at night or muscle cramps. May help bedwetting by soothing nerves. Highly absorbable calcium.*

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Chlorella Chlorella

Chlorella is a nutrient-dense green algae superfood. It is an easy way for children to get their greens! Also supports detoxification, digestion, and daytime energy.*

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Supplements for Children old enough to swallow capsules:

DHA Kids™ DHA Kids™

DHA is the most desirable omega-3 fish oil for brain health and eyesight. DHA Kids contains superior quality DHA in small gel caps for children. Molecularly-distilled and mercury-free fish oil.

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B, Super Coenzyme B Complex™ B, Super Coenzyme B Complex™

B vitamins are the fastest way to get the extra energy to help offset the pressures of stress.* B vitamins help promote a better mood with fewer fluctuations*.

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Calcium, Tri-Cal Calcium, Tri-Cal

Relaxing calcium formula to calm hyper behavior and improve sleep. May also help bed-wetting by calming nerves. Natural sleep support; may be taken with RelaxaMag. May be taken day time for hyper behavior.*

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Magnesium, RelaxaMag™ Magnesium, RelaxaMag™

Helps sleep, stress, and irritability. Magnesium is essential for relaxation. This special formula contains absorbable magnesium bound to relaxing amino acids. Extremely safe, non-drowsy sleep supplement.*

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PhosphatidylSerine (PS) PhosphatidylSerine (PS)

Top nutrient for focus, concentration, and memory. Helps enhance brain cell connectivity. Many students take P.S. to assist focus during studying and help relieve stress associated with an upcoming test.*

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