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Byron J Richards, CCN
Strong bones, bone density, optimal bone mass, bone growth, and bone rejuvenation are all topics vital to the quality of your health. Premium-quality minerals, vitamin D, and other important bone-building cofactors are essential to provide adequate nutrition for the ongoing process of bone rejuvenation.* New science has opened a wealth of new opportunities and strategies for you to maintain your optimal bone health.

As it turns out, managing the important gene signal known as NF-kappaB is absolutely essential for the harmonious bone-building activities of the "carpenters" operating within your bones (osteoblasts and osteoclasts). If you don’t know about NF-kappaB then you need to learn more, as your bone strength and bone density depend on it.

On the very forefront of new bone research is science showing that thyroid hormone, leptin, insulin, and your blood sugar metabolism is directly linked to healthy bone function. For the first time your bones are now viewed as an endocrine organ. This is a remarkable discovery and places even more importance on your maintaining true bone health, density, and strength.

Our top-selling bone support products are listed below. On subsequent pages are further descriptions of various important bone topics as well as additional product options that lend support to specific aspects of bone health that may be important to you.

Best Bone Health Supplements:

Daily Bone Xcel™ Daily Bone Xcel™

Our top bone formula contains highly absorbable Coral Calcium (from the ocean) and MCHC (a true bone calcium food concentrate). It includes essential bone nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, manganese, boron, silica, and strontium -- all basics for building strong bones.* 200 mg calcium per capsule (2 capsules in each Daily Super Pack™).

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Bone & Joint Helper™ Bone & Joint Helper™

Bone & Joint Helper™ uses a unique bone building herb (CalZBone® - Cissus quadrangularis), a potent NF-kappaB modulating herb (5-Loxin® - Boswellia serrata), another 400 IU of vitamin D per capsule, and a boost of the unique bone-strengthening mineral boron (FruiteX-B® - calcium fructoborate). This is a powerful way to support optimal bone health and is designed to be used with products high in calcium, such as Daily Bone Xcel™ or Daily Builder™, for comprehensive bone support you can count on.*

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D, Vitamin D D, Vitamin D

Additional vitamin D supports bone health, mood, cardiovascular health, and the immune system. Helpful for anyone during the winter months when sunshine is lacking.* Each capsule contains 1,000IU of vitamin D3.

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Daily Builder™ Daily Builder™

Comprehensive formula for the bones, joints, and collagen structure. Includes niacinamide and glucosamine to activate cartilage building, proline and lysine to fortify collagen formation, and high magnesium.* 8 capsules provide 1,000 mg of calcium, 500 mg of magnesium. This high calcium product is the ideal choice for a person who also wants extra connective tissue support.

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Daily Super Pack™ Daily Super Pack™

Extremely high quality, comprehensive nutrition to fortify a wide range of nutrient needs that are vital to health. Each packet contains: 1-Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™, 2-Daily Bone Xcel™, 1-Daily Builder™, 1-Daily Protector™, 1-Daily Balancer™, 1-Daily Super E™, and 1-Daily DHA™. Two packets provide 1,118 mg of the finest quality calcium for building healthy bones.*

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