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Did you know that your fat cells store toxins? As you lose weight fat cells begin to release toxins that your body needs to clear out. This is one reason people get to a plateau weight. Learn how to get past the “toxic layer of fat”. Below is Byron Richards' June 28, 2008 talk on the topic of Weight Management & Detoxification. You may listen to audio or watch a video here. Enjoy!
  1.   Intro (6:47)     
  2.   What is Damaging Your Fat? (12:12)     
  3.   Review on Basic Plumbing (11:12)     
  4.   Problems with Detoxification (8:15)     
  5.   Holding Water (5:29)     
  6.   Supplements that help the Detoxification Process (5:17)     
  7.   Mobilizing Fat (4:29)     
  8.   Review of Weight Management & Detoxification (6:26)     
Weight Management & Detoxification Quick Supplement Guide

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