Thyroid for Life Class

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Byron Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist explains how sluggish thyroid function affects overall health. Learn what key nutrients are needed for healthy thyroid function and what common issue actually causes your thyroid to think it's supposed to run slower. Discover what you can do to naturally improve thyroid function and increase energy, mood, and metabolism. (Live class 4/18/09).

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  1.  Intro     
  2.  Thyroid Nutrition: Part 1     
  3.  Thyroid Nutrition: Part 2     
  4.  Aging & Thyroid Function     
  5.  Metabolic Disruption: Starvation     
  6.  Toxic Issues: Germs     
  7.  Toxic Issues: Chemicals     
  8.  Thyroid & Stress     

Thyroid & Metabolism Supplement Guide

Thyroid & Metabolism Class

Understand what your thyroid test scores mean, why thyroid medication doesn't improve thyroid function, and how other health issues such as stress are related to thyroid function. Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist explains thyroid health in an easy-to-understand way. (Live class 8/16/08).

  1.  Intro     
  2.  Major Changes in Thyroid Importance     
  3.  What is Thyroid and What do the Scores Mean?     
  4.  Thyroid Medication     
  5.  Understanding Thyroid and Leptin     
  6.  Stress and Toxins in Relations to Thyroid     
  7.  Thyroid and Cardiovascular Health : Part 1     
  8.  Thyroid and Cardiovascular Health : Part 2     

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