Tocotrienols Boost Bone Health

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Scientists are impressed by the multiple mechanisms by which tocotrienols can assist bone health. They declared that “tocotrienol demonstrates great potential as an anti-osteoporotic agent.” Since its mechanisms are entirely natural it makes sense as part of your bone support nutrient program.

Since individuals are living longer it is not uncommon that the loss of bone is a troublesome occurrence and major healthcare issue. I have said repeatedly that the bisphosphonate drugs are one of the great scams of all time, actually making bones weaker and older as time goes by. Natural methods to enhance bone health include a good diet, eliminating or offsetting high stress, refreshing physical activity (especially weight bearing exercise), adequate sleep, and a variety of nutrients that help bone health in one way or another. 

Poor bone health does not occur in its own isolated vacuum, it is part of the general overall aging and health trend of the individual. In addition to specifically trying to help improve bone health, improvement in any chronic health issue is supportive to bone health.

The tocotrienol form of vitamin E offers a diverse array of health benefits for many health topics, bones included. 

A variety of studies have shown that it helps activate bone-building osteoblasts while calming down the osteoclasts that are over-active during osteoporosis. Detailed analysis has shown that it helps turn on the genes that stimulate the osteoblasts into action while turning down the core inflammatory gene (NF-kappaB) that is central to bone loss.

Of course, the claim to fame for tocotrienol E is its ability to manage the HMG-CoA enzyme involved with cholesterol synthesis, helping to guide one’s body to naturally lower cholesterol. Unlike the statin drugs that influence the same HMG-CoA enzyme, tocotrienols work by “consulting” the enzyme, whereas statins take a sledgehammer to it. As the researchers point out, when statins disrupt HMG-CoA one of their adverse side effects is to suppress osteoblasts while increasing osteoclasts – which increases the risk for bone loss. In contrast, tocotrienols actually help cholesterol metabolism while also helping bones.

It is ironic that the medical profession will always claim more studies need to be done before they can recommend tocotrienols for bones, yet they have no problem prescribing a bone toxin under the false pretense of bone health. I’m always in favor of more studies, yet there are no Big Pharma dollars to be made in our warped system of healthcare to back tocotrienol research. It isn’t rocket science to first do no harm.

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