Tocotrienols and Citrus Flavonoids Lower Cholesterol by 20-30 Percent

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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A study1 shows the power of natural substances to help promote healthy levels of cholesterol. A combination of tocotrienols and citrus-derived polymethoxylated flavones were tested on men and women with high cholesterol (total greater than 230).  The two open-label studies and one double-blind study varied in length from four to12 weeks.

Researchers found a significant reduction in total cholesterol (20 percent - 30 percent), LDL (19 percent - 27 percent), apolipoprotein B (21 percent), and triglycerides (24 percent - 34 percent).

The ability of concentrated natural products to help support a healthy cholesterol level is certainly good news, as these substances have no adverse side effects.

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