Tocotrienol E Supports Bone Health

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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A key strategy in the prevention of bone loss is to increase the antioxidant defense system within bone, which slows down adverse processes of accelerated bone loss. New research on the tocotrienol form of vitamin E shows that it does just that, leading researchers to conclude “tocotrienol has the potential to be used as an anti-osteoporotic agent in postmenopausal women.”

Bones undergo a continual process of breaking down and building back up. During aging, especially as wear and tear factors magnify, the process of breaking down tends to outpace the process of building up. This sets the stage for a bone loss trend, which in women is aggravated by the drop in estrogen following menopause.

One approach is to ensure there are adequate raw materials such as calcium and vitamin D to assist new bone construction. Many nutrients have recently been shown to reduce inflammation and lower free radical damage in bone, helping to slow the rate of accelerated bone loss. Tocotrienol research has been favorable in this regard over the past decade, and this is the latest study to demonstrate this fact. Other nutrients such as DHA and magnesium are also known to reduce bone loss via similar mechanisms.

Good bone health will relate to managing your overall fitness and stress levels, combined with proper nutrition to help build new bone and adequate nutrition to buffer inflammation and free radical damage within bone.

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