The Vital Need for a Healthy GI Lining

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

A new study provides dramatic proof of the inter-relationship between digestive contents (foreign cells) and your digestive-related immune system1.  I have posted numerous articles in recent months regarding the absolute importance to your health of maintaining the friendly balance of power between bacteria and yeast that line your digestive tract.

When these get out of balance they cause inflammation, toxicity, immune system incompetence, and a host of other problems.

Researchers have now identified that the endothelial cells that line your digestive tract sense the type of bacteria that are present in your digestive tract.  In response to this perception, instructions are then given to form lymph tissue that is specific to keeping that particular foreign type of cell in check (a customized police force). 

Disruption of the integrity of your digestive tract lining, which is a goal of Candida overgrowth, H. pylori overgrowth, or any hostile gang of foreigners, is an essential step for them to disrupt natural immunity and set up shop as a hostile force.

This information places a new emphasis on the health of the lining of your digestive tract as an integral part of healthy digestive balance.  Now that idea is not particularly new, but in the past we have thought of it in the context of reducing leaky gut and general inflammation.  We can now understand that it is also vital in helping to restore proper immune system competence, as cells along a healthy digestive lining are needed in order to properly inform the immune system’s basic lymph structure. 

Nutrients like quercetin and grape seed extracts helps to reduce inflammation on the lining of your digestive tract.  Nutrients like glutamine and N-acetyl-glucosamine help to repair the lining of your GI tract.  This information is crucial for someone with recurring or ongoing intestinal issues and will help many people “get over the hump” in terms of getting their digestion on a better path to health.

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