Statins Interfere with Normal Brain Function

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

In the process of statins taking a sledgehammer to the core survival system in your liver, a building body of research is proving that statins directly lower important brain levels of cholesterol that are needed for normal nerve transmission1.  Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul.  The longer you take a statin the less you will have to think about this problem, because you won’t be able to think very well.

Lead researcher Yeon-Kyun Shin states ““If you try to lower the cholesterol by taking medicine that is attacking the machinery of cholesterol synthesis in the liver, that medicine goes to the brain too. And then it reduces the synthesis of cholesterol which is necessary in the brain.  Our study shows there is a direct link between cholesterol and the neurotransmitter release.  And we know exactly the molecular mechanics of what happens in the cells. Cholesterol changes the shape of the protein to stimulate thinking and memory.”

The fact that statins can deactivate normal nerve transmission, and will do so gradually and progressively over time, is a major problem for anyone taking these medications.  Nerves control everything else in your body, including your heart and circulatory system.  Big Pharma and a legion of doctors are speeding the decline of health in millions of Americans.

Referenced Studies:
  1. ^ Statins Reduce Brain Cholesterol Needed for Normal Nerve Transmission    Jiansong Tong, Peter P. Borbat, Jack H. Freed, and Yeon-Kyun Shin.

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