Statin Use Speeds Onset of Coronary Adverse Event Hospitalizations

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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A study of 3,516 Italian patients1 who were prescribed statins for high cholesterol looked into the issue of how well the therapy lowered cholesterol and the effect of therapy on the time to first hospitalization for a coronary event.

Not surprisingly, using statins to take a sledgehammer to the body’s natural system of cholesterol production did indeed lower the cholesterol level, especially in those patients who were very compliant to taking the drug. 

Not surprisingly to me – but surprising to the pill pushing doctors – despite lower cholesterol, those who took the statins most consistently also ended up in the hospital with a coronary event sooner than the other patients did.

Of course, this study was Italian. No American university will dare publish adverse statin findings for fear of losing funding for future studies from Big Pharma. Only the most slanted and tainted data is presented, propping up a $20-billion-a-year scam that is paid for by “we the people.” 

I’ll guarantee you that you won’t see this study in any national headlines and doctors around the world will actively ignore it.

As I pointed out in my article, “Are Statins Causing the Rising Rates of Heart Failure?”, the dramatic rise in heart failure rates in the U.S. is timeline associated with the dramatic increase in the use of statins – a scandal waiting to blow its lid.

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