Silymarin Protects Against Cholesterol Forming Plaque

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Silymarin (milk thistle) is widely acknowledged as a nutrient powerhouse for protecting your liver and for helping your liver clear toxins.  It also possesses antioxidant activity that was explored in detail in relationship to mechanisms that protect your arteries1 against plaque formation.  Cholesterol only forms into plaque when it has been damaged or oxidized.  The new study shows that Silymarin protects LDL cholesterol from damage.  Additionally, it reduced the inappropriate activity of immune cells that are involved in the plaquing process.

While Silymarin is by no means the only nutrient that protects against plaque formation it is certainly nice when great nutrients perform double duty in supporting your health.  As I recently pointed out, common car exhaust pollution is a major irritant to those struggling with coronary artery disease.  Silymarin not only offers direct protection from such exposures, it also directly enhances cardiovascular health.

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