Silver Kills Candida Mouth Infections

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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When germs such as Candida become hostile they form biofilms, which I refer to as germ gangs.  Germ gangs have power in numbers and can be quite difficult to overcome.  Such biofilms typically form on non human things that are in contact with human mucosal linings.  In the case of one’s mouth that means braces, dental appliances, dentures, etc.  The new research shows that silver is quite capable of killing these biofilm germ gangs.

The research shows that any particle size of silver tested was able to kill Candida albicans or Candida glabrata biofilms. 

Many people do not realize the health problems associated with dental appliances of one type or another.  Once biofilms set up in the mouth, they can be swallowed.  If conditions exist (such as antibiotic use or a high sugar junk food diet), these germ gangs can spread to the stomach or small intestine.  This is literally like weeds spreading across a lawn.  Except these weeds are germ gangs and can wreak havoc with human health for decades (if they are allowed to persist), not to mention turn a perfectly normal child into an irritable nightmare. 

Any removable appliance should be thoroughly disinfected.  Gargling with colloidal silver can be quite helpful, letting the silver sit in one’s mouth for as long as possible.

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