Resveratrol Blocks Infection-Induced Nerve Damage

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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The neurotoxicity of infections is a major problem facing anyone, especially the very young and the elderly.  In the very young these toxins can disturb brain structure and function resulting in a variety of problems ranging from ADHD to Autism-related disorders.  In the elderly these toxins can cause significant memory loss and cognitive decline.  A new study shows that resveratrol can significantly protect nerves from the toxicity of infection.

In this animal study the researchers showed that resveratrol significantly reduced the inflammation associated with infection, thereby preventing the damage these toxins cause.  The researchers also showed that pretreatment of brain cells (glial cells) with resveratrol made them much more resistant to toxic insult.

Resveratrol has gained widespread international attention for its ability to improve anti-aging genes.  This study shows another angle in which resveratrol works – directly protecting your brain from toxicity.  In this study the researchers concluded that “resveratrol may be useful for attenuating acute cognitive disorders in elderly individuals with an infection.”

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