Regular Multiple Vitamin Use Reduces Risk of Heart Attack by 41%

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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A new Swedish study followed 31,671 women ages 49 – 83 for 10 years, evaluating the use of a multiple vitamin and the risk for a first heart attack1.  The women who consistently used a multiple vitamin for greater than five years had a 41% risk reduction for a heart attack, compared to women who did not take a multiple vitamin. 

In this study group none of the women had cardiovascular disease at the beginning of the study, indicating the multiple vitamin was a good tool to maintain cardiovascular health in relatively healthy people.  Certainly, much more could be done and would be indicated for individuals seeking to improve an existing issue relating to cardiovascular health. 

The basic nutrients provided in a multiple vitamin support the core needs of many systems within your body.  Running low on nutrients is never a good idea.  Diets are often lacking in many of these key nutrients.  Taking a high-quality multiple vitamin on a regular basis is a good idea for everyone. 

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