Quercetin Protects Arteries from Common Toxin

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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LPS is a toxin released as bacteria replicate in the body, a common issue for more than half of Americans struggling with digestive imbalance. LPS enters the blood and interferes with metabolism. It even enters the brain and causes wear and tear. A new study shows that quercetin offers protection against LPS toxicity.

In this animal experiment, rabbits were injected with bacterial LPS. This caused a rise in inflammation along with major stress to the liver, kidneys, and circulatory systems. LPS causes an elevation in blood levels of fibrinogen, leading to a pro-clotting environment at high risk for stroke. 

Quercetin significantly reduced all of these issues, demonstrating highly protective anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties. 

The wear and tear of ongoing LPS toxicity is a major factor that contributes to the diseases of aging. A majority of overweight people have elevated blood levels of LPS as do those with ongoing digestive problems. Flavonoids from fruits, such as quercetin, are highly protective to the human body in many ways. This study clearly shows protection by quercetin against a common toxin.

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