Nutrition and a Thriving Infant

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Mothers who consume the most fish during pregnancy and lactation as well as nurse their child for longer than 10 months significantly improve the healthy development of their child1.  This is not surprising, since the DHA in fish is vital to the proper development of nerves and eyesight and breast milk is loaded with all kinds of unique growth factors that cannot possibly be compensated for in a baby formula.

Due to the unknown mercury content of fish sold in the United States I always recommend that pregnant and nursing mothers take molecularly distilled DHA, which is free of mercury and other common toxic contaminants that can cross the placenta or enter the breast milk like PCBs.  If eating out a mom can take chlorella with or before her meal, which help bind up mercury and PCBs, thus reducing the odds that such contaminants will either cross the placenta or enter the breast milk.

Referenced Studies:
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