Lycopene and Lutein Improve Carotid Artery Thickness

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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This is a study of 144 adults aged 45–68 who were showing signs of early atherosclerosis as demonstrated by thickening of their carotid artery. Supplementation with lutein or the combination of lutein and lycopene over a 12-month period reduced the thickening of the artery, essentially reversing the trend of cardiovascular disease.

One group of 48 subjects was given 20 mg of lutein per day. Another group of 48 subjects were given a combination of 20 mg lutein plus 20 mg lycopene. And the third group of 48 was the control. 

The blood levels of lutein and lycopene significantly increased in those taking the supplements. In the lutein group the thickness of the carotid artery was decreased significantly by .035 millimetres. In the lutein and lycopene combination group it was reduced by .073 millimeters. 

The study showed that a combination of lutein and lycopene was best at improving arterial health, actually removing plaque build up from the carotid artery in people suffering early stage atherosclerosis.
This is a very important finding for lutein and lycopene and elevates them to first-line cardiovascular support nutrients.

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